Elvis Presley Themed Advertising to Explode

The Elvis estate, along with rights to his the rock legend's name and image, has been sold for $100 million to SFX Entertainment. Lisa Marie Presley agreed last Thursday to sell 85 percent of the estate's assets.

Presley will receive $53 million cash, be absolved of $20 million indebt and get shares in the new company expected to be worth $25 million. Presly, the King's only daughter will retain ownership of Graceland preventing a riot among members of the Elvis religion.

Silverman believes he can increase the revenue of the estate with increased capital and marketing.

Written by Steve Hall    Comments (1)     Dec-20-04  
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I am the head honcho in my show.."the biggest ELVIS-tribute/show in europe....
"I shure hope they donŽt close down graceland..."
Its not "any" place...ITS THE KINGS HOME"
Further moore...
Lisa-M.. should be ashamed..selling the estate..
IŽll pray for both Lisa-M... and the king himself..
Always youre fan Elvis
Billy King

Posted by: BILLY KING on July 2, 2005 01:13 PM

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