ESPN and Sprint Introduce TV For Mobile Phones

ESPN, in a deal with Sprint, will launch its own branded mobile phone service which will stream sports video and audio along with graphics and news.

The move puts some real world application to the screen marketing trend whereby methods of delivery other than television, computer and video games are being explored. The mobile phone is destined to supplant, in part, many other mobile devices such as handheld PDA's, gaming devices and even the popular iPod. It's just a matter of time before technology makes it possible for all of these devices becoming one. In terms of demand for this potential device, it's there. Why carry more than one device if you don't have to? Already Motorola's RAZR phone has merged many of the features now handled by separate devices as has HandSpring's Treo.

Written by Steve Hall    Comments (0)     Dec- 1-04  
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