Surprise! Two Media Are Better Than One

Now come on. If you had the chance to create a TV spot versus a radio spot, which would you choose? We thought so and the Radio Effectiveness Lab knows this too so it's trotted out yet another study claiming, "Hey, wait. Don't forget about radio. Ya know, the frequency medium?" Of course, media buyers have known forever that a mix of media almost always does better than a single medium but, hey, who doesn't love a little fresh research space-filler to bulk up that media plan? The study, conducted by Peacock Research and called, "The Benefits of Synergy: Moving Money Into Radio," compared the results of two radio exposures against one TV exposure and one radio exposure and, lo, brand recall increased - by 34 percent. That's sure to make radio reps happy. But it will make newspaper reps even happier. The study also found two radio exposure compared with one newspaper exposure and one radio exposure tripled brand recall. Expect a sudden increase in combined radio and newspaper buys in the next few months.

by Steve Hall    Dec- 9-04   Click to Comment   

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