Ashlee Simpson Loves Public Humiliation

Either masochistically begging for torture or playing a sick joke on the public for its SNL lip synch debacle bashing, Ashlee Simpson, again, proved she's destined for a career that doesn't involve opening her mouth. During last night's Orange Bowl half time show, Simpson did, unfortunately, open her mouth, without the help of backing vocals, to a stunned Miami Pro Player Stadium audience and was handed a very loud chorus of boos as she painfully finished singing.

One viewer writes, "No lip-synching. This time she decided to sing. The performance was horrendous and the tens of thousands of people at the Orange Bowl in Florida consequently booed as loud as they could afterwards. I certainly hope this is the end of this no-talent fraud!" If Simpson isn't smart enough to realize it's time to give it up, perhaps her manager father might now have the balls or, at least, the sympathy to remove her from further public humiliation. Of course, we're sure to hear an endless litany of excuses as to why she couldn't sing properly or perhaps the Simpson clan will come clean and admit sister Jessica's been doing backing vocals for Ashlee all along. Either way, it's time for Joe Simpson to stop pimping Ashlee and go back to being her Dad.

View the painfully horrifying clip here here.

by Steve Hall    Jan- 5-05   Click to Comment   

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