Kathleen Turner Provides Voice For Citymeals 'Silence' Ad

In a new commercial, entitled, "Silence," Kathleen Turner lent her distinctive voice to New York's Citymeals-on-Wheels. Indicating the loneliness some homebound seniors face, the spot shows an elederly woman sitting alone at her table in silence. Half way through, Turner's voice is heard saying, "There are 86,400 seconds in her day. These are only 30 of them."

The pro-bono work was created by New York based Urban Advertising.

Urban Advertising President Bernard Urban explained the creative process. "Having Kathleen Turner's voice adds another layer of depth and urgency to the spot", he said. "Not only did she do an incredible job, but she also waived her fee, which is what makes PSA's like this possible. She was amazing, actually the whole team that made this happen was amazing. Everyone donated their time and talent, the producers Sherri Hollander and Hillary Cutter, the sound people at Tonic, editor Rich Rosenbaum at Convergence, they were all moved by the cause and wanted to help out."

Citymeals is currently negotiating with local outlets for airtime and also investigating the option of having thespot shown in movie theaters.

Written by Steve Hall    Comments (0)     Feb- 8-05  
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