Levi's Buys BlogAds, Kooky Video Promotes 501's

BlogAds Founder Henry Copeland has announced another big advertiser has bought into the concept of blog advertising. Levi's is advertising on a collection of larger blogs promoting a video of a dog tearing apart a sofa and relating it to 501 jeans. Basically the video pokes fun at the complications culture has erected around formerly simplistic entities such as a medium coffee now being referred to as a Grande.

by Steve Hall    Apr-25-05    
Topic: Viral

Search Optimizer Wants Customers to be On Top


It's a well known fact that all marketers prefer to be on top when it comes to search engine results. SEO Inc. has taken this goal to heart attracting AD:TECH visitors to its booth with attractive models wearing tight tops bearing the slogan, "Wanna Be On Top?" While we did resist making a fool of ourselves replying, "Well, of course we do," we felt we had to share this pleasantly uplifting approach to inserting more members into SEO Inc.'s customer base.

by Steve Hall    Apr-25-05    
Topic: Promotions

Google Launches Non-contextual CPM-based Ad Service

google_ logo_main.jpg

Seemingly to give more choice to its advertiser base, Google, today, began testing a new service that allows advertisers to place non-contextual, cpm-based graphical ads on sites of their choosing. It's a marked change from its history as contextual text ad giant. Publishers can opt in or out of this program if they choose. Explaining the new program succinctly is Google Product Management Director Susan Wojcicki who said, "Now our system takes things very literally. If you are on a wine site, we show ads for wine. Now we will let you advertise your cheese on wine sites." Wine and cheese. Nothing wrong with that.

by Steve Hall    Apr-25-05    
Topic: Online

Elvis Presley Graceland Campaign Launched


Last we heard, the Elvis estate needed a bunch of money to dig itself out of debt. Perhaps they've already done that or perhaps this new campaign urging people to visit Graceland is part of a revenue boosting strategy. Either way - and you have permission to shoot us for writing this, we never really listened to Elvis or watched his movies. We just couldn't grasp the appeal of the whole persona.

Anyway, there's other new campaigns that have launched recently which are featured in Ad Age's TV Spot of the Week including Unilever Sunlight Soap, a Cingular ad featuring Chewbacca, a strange caveman ad for British Columbia Dairy Foundation, a freak puts a fish bowl over his head for Lipton, raccoons stand in for deceased Dave and booted Mr. Wendy for Wendy's, a kooky Tony Sinclair promotes Tanqueray from the deck of a ship and Goodyear reminds us it was their tires that helped the moon rover do its thing back in 1971.

by Steve Hall    Apr-25-05    
Topic: Commercials

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