Beer Babes Are Back, Burping And Farting

This week's Ad Age TV Spots of the Week is led of by beer babe 4,726 for Troegs Beer. This one burps and farts. Progress. Less entertaining and far sillier is a ridiculous, non-sensical "Snack Fairy" spot for Nabisco. Next is a Deutsch-created spot for Pier 1 - and we only know that because they stuck the logo at the end of this excuse-to-be-creative commercial. OK, maybe it's not that bad but at least tell us to go shoot up before viewing for full enjoyment. Grey gets the caffeine addiction right with a "Shock Therapy" spot for Dairy Queen's Caramel MooLatte spot. Then, there's an oh-so-boring spot from TBWA/Chiat/Day (that we know the client must have butchered) for Nissan Xterra followed by a bunch of JWT created turkeys that turn into chickens all to promote Miracle Whip, a silly commercial from DDB for Budweiser illustrating the insanity of Nascar fans and a really great anti-drug commercial by TBWA/Chiat/Day.

Oh, and, Ad Age, that agonizing TV Guide pre-commercial, commercial? Frequency cap the damn thing, will you?

by Steve Hall    Apr- 4-05   Click to Comment   

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