Paris Hilton Promotes Movie With Podcast

The girl who's famous for nothing is joining the geek squad by launching, on April 29, a podcast to promote her upcoming Stephen King movie House of Wax releasing May 6. Yes, now you can hear celebutante Paris Hilton coo, witlessly in your ears about her life, shopping and her tribulations making the movie. Podcasting has entered the building.

OK, so it's really Warner Brothers that's launching the podcast and using Hilton's popularity to promote it and the movie. As BL Ochman points out, this a good thing and a bad thing. It's good that podcasting will get major play. It's not so good the world's going to be introduced to podcasting by listening to Paris whimper about her life. On the upside, the movie stars Elisha Cuthbert.

by Steve Hall    Apr- 5-05   Click to Comment   

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