Agency Website Capitalizes on Advertising Induced A.D.D


Realizing that advertising isn't brain surgery and with the drollest of droll voices, visitors to ADD Marketing are introduced to what is certainly one of oddest agency websites seen in recent memory. Droning on, an announcer says, "You've reached ADD Marketing and Advertising, Inc. You're call is very important to us. So important we've put you on hold. Your estimated hold time is...long. So while you're waiting, let's talk about ADD. ADD stands for attention deficit disorder. If you think you have this illness and are seeking treatment, please call a professional. Not that we're not professionals, it's just different. ADD is a Los Angeles-based advertising agency strategically located in the low rent part of Hollywood. We're cheap but out rates are not." Refreshing, to say the least, compared to most other agency websites.

The attention deficit disorder shtick is a dead on reference to the mental state caused by the continual onslaught of media attacking people in every corner of their life, every second of the day. The agency has done work for P & G's Tremor, Mazda and all kinds of movie distributors.

Written by Steve Hall    Comments (0)     File: Agencies     May-10-05  
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