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VW Polo Promoted With Ice Sculpture


In an intriguing street marketing stunt, a giant ice sculpture (or ice covered frame) of a VW Polo was placed in a street in London to, seemingly, promote the power of its air conditioning. Not unlike how the Suicide Bomber stunt promoted (un-officially, of course) the vehicle's toughness

by Steve Hall    May-19-05    
Topic: Guerilla

'Store Wars' Video Supports Organic Food


Capitalizing on the release of Star Wars III, The Organic Trade Association, with help from Free Range Studios, has produced a video, set in a grocery store and following the plot lines from Star Wars, that compels viewers to become more aware of the many chemicals and genetic enhancements added to supposedly fresh food.

In the video, Obi won Canoli tells young Cuc how, for thousands of years, organic food live in harmony with the way of the farm until an army of pesticide ruthlessly conquered the market. It goes on quite engagingly to telling the story of how food has changed and why people should do something about it. The video can be viewed here.

may the farm be with you

by Steve Hall    May-19-05    
Topic: Viral

Giant Tube Of Crest Toothpaste Travels Country


AdPulp points to a Promo Magazine piece about a Crest promotion that consists of a gigantic tube of toothpaste in the form on an 18 wheeler. Called "The Crest Imagine Tour," the tube will make stops at summer events including music festivals, vacation spots and major cities. The truck is manned by Crest hostesses who hand out tubes of toothpaste to visitors who can enter the vehicle and lounge in its seating area as well as try out Crests's Whitening Plus Scope in a "personal brushing station."

by Steve Hall    May-19-05    
Topic: Promotions

Atlas Announces On Demand Campaign Management System

aQuantive's Atlas, well known for its online campaign management capabilities, is stepping into the world of On Demand television with the launch of a new division called Atlas On Demand. The new division will focus on providing campaign management and measurement metrics for On Demand viewership.

Atlas On Demand applications will be incorporated into the existing Atlas digital advertising management solution providing an integrated On Demand advertising media platform. Current Atlas clients include Doner, Mediaedge:cia, Euro RSCG, Hill Holiday, Avenue A / Razorfish, Camelot, ID Media, Initiative Media and OMD. Atlas On Demand is led by Senior Vice President and General Manager Scott Ferris, who joined Atlas in 2003.

by Steve Hall    May-19-05    
Topic: Tools

Bloglines to Introduce Supercharged Blog Search Engine

Bloglines CEO Mark Fletcher told Business Week's Stephen Baker Bloglines will, this Summer, release a blog search engine that is said to surpass the the qualities of Technorati, Feedster and PubSub. Fletcher says the search engine will help bloggers find, organize and make relevant the vast quantities of content bloggers consume on a daily basis.

by Steve Hall    May-19-05    
Topic: Weblogs

Billboard Says 'Police Roll Doobie'


OK, this is just weird. Completely unimportant in terms of relevant advertising news but amusing all the same. Where stoned billboard workers pissed off at someone? Did they run out of letters trying to spell something out? Did the police actually roll a doobie? Please, we need our morning fix of irrelevance.

UPDATE: One commenter surmises this to be a teaser for a music store or iPod. As in "police, roll ing stones and doobie brothers.

by Steve Hall    May-19-05    
Topic: Outdoor

Grammatically Incorrect Winston Ad Speaks Truth


Here's an interesting ad from the old school days. Back when smoking was cool, Winston had the headline, "Winston takes good like a cigarette should," which according to grammar Nazis was incorrect leading to tremendous levels of free publicity when the utterance of that headline would often come with the reply, "Winston Tastes good as a cigarette should." As is often the case, the grammatically incorrect version sounded far more natural than the correct version.

The ad belittles that whole debate, as flickr user ChicagoEye points out, and gets to the real heart of the ad's visual: the hook up. The third thought bubble, spoken by the woman, says "What do you want good grammar or good taste?" to which the man replies, "I want your phone number." Assuming this was a real ad, it's a terrifically insiderish approach to the whole grammar debate. Much like the debate we have here on Adrants. To wit, "Do you want good grammar or good advertising news?"

by Steve Hall    May-19-05    
Topic: Magazine

Audi Promotes A4 With Unknown Element


To support the launch of it's overpriced Volkswagen Jetta...uh...we mean Audi A4, the car manufacturer has dumped 40 percent of its online marketing budget into a viral clip that involves the rare, fictitious element, VdT, and how it is the secret element inside every Audi. We're always reassured when we have no idea how are cars are made. Unfortunately, the virus hasn't made it to Adrants headquarters.

by Steve Hall    May-18-05    
Topic: Viral

RSS For Mobile Phones Introduced


Is that a Podcast in your pocket or are you just happy to see me? Further insuring the cell phone's position is the center of the universe, FreeRange Communications today introduced FreeNews, an RSS news and weblog reader for mobile devices, phones and PDAs. With FreeNews, people can get feeds of Web information—such as news, sports, weather, stock quotes, or company news—directly on their phones.

more »

by Steve Hall    May-18-05    
Topic: Mobile/Wireless, RSS

News Flash! Radar Magazine Re-Launches


While you have no doubt already read about this 3,000 times over at Gawker, we thought we cover it here for completeness. So, here goes. Radar, the Mahr Roshan's snarkomag, which failed after two issues a year ago, has relaunched. Yes, it's back. That's it. End of story. Oh, if you really must have details, Gawker breaks the first issue down here.

by Steve Hall    May-18-05    
Topic: Magazine

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