Lushly Written Press Release Introduces 'Bubble Girl' Commercial


Working with Lowe, New York City-based creative shop, Psyop, developed a commercial, called "Bubble Girl," for Aero Chocolate that used live action shots of a woman eating chocolate to create this animated bubble-fest set to the beat of a Henry Mancini score.

Opening against a creamy, parchment-colored background, a growing number of the milk chocolate bubbles appear to the staccato beat of the score. Comprising all sizes and shades of brown, a random cluster of bubbles begins to form a familiar shape: a woman eating a piece of chocolate. In concert with lush string music, the woman's bubbly profile turns to face the camera, her eyes closed in chocolate-induced bliss.

While the press release goes on endlessly about the commercial's "slow, subtle build-up," how it let Psyop "spread our aesthetic wings" and the efforts to which they went to "strike an elusive balance between a sufficiently recognizable image and a very sensuous, ethereal mood," the commercial is actually quite good. It does just enough to get across that occasional feeling a great piece of chocolate can provide.

Written by Steve Hall    Comments (1)     File: Commercials     May-22-05  
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