Madison Avenue Falls In Love With Podcasting

I'm Cool! I Podcast!

One the heels of, "OMG, we have to get all our clients to blog!" comes "OMG, screw blogs, this Podcast thing is it baby!" Yup. Like lemmings (and I know because I was one for years) the ad industry is gaga over Podcasting. As Publicis Groupe Media Chief Innovation Officer (how's that for a title?) says, "Podcasting is one of the developments, along with online digital music services like iTunes and Rhapsody, that allow a consumer to be their own programmer. That will obsolete terrestrial radio for many advertisers,"

Ah the, the attack of the consumer media clones. Backyard Barbecue Tips By Bill. Luscious Lawns By Lucy. Subway Satire By Sally. Taxi Tips From Tom. If the industry stressed over fragmentation in the 80's and 90's, it ain't seen nothin' yet. But, just how much fragmentation do we want. Do we want one media outlet for every citizen in the world? Oh, don't get all Huffington on me. Of course, I'm generalizing and Podcasting can be a very good thing. In fact, may larger companies such as GM, NPR and Volvo and making great use of the medium right now. It's just amusing to see such hype, excitement and explosion of podcast related start ups for a medium most have no idea exist.

Written by Steve Hall    Comments (5)     File: Podcast     May-26-05  
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I wonder if the excitement has anything to do with podcasting resembling a medium that agency people understand, namely radio.

I'm not sure they understand the web yet, and it's been ten years.

Posted by: David Burn on May 26, 2005 02:02 PM

Since every ad medium's reach is changing every day...Ad agencies are like a lawn mowing service. They're awesome at broadcasting to the grass...just one issue...the grass has stopped growing. The agencies are trying to reach an audience that has completely stopped increasing....and is now burning away.

Why would I need an agency to reach anything? The nutrients for your creative are disappearing. I love agriculture references

Posted by: kab on May 26, 2005 04:57 PM

I'd really love to know how many of the marketing wankers (agency and client types alike) that are out there talking about podcasts, mobisodes, blogs and other "new" crap have actually ever seen / used the stuff. Frustrates the hell out of me.

99.9% of blogs and podcasts are 100% garbage... as is - can't wait til we pollute the space further with crap advertising messages / inclusions.

Rishad (the Chief Innovation Officer that you spoke of) is unique in that he lives and breathes this stuff and has vision for how marketers can leverage it - he's truly a diamond in the rough.

Posted by: PJMacG on May 26, 2005 05:47 PM

I think one of the points missed is that there are as many devices able to play MP3s (podcasts) as there are radios.

(Every Computer 1 Billion plus) and all dedicated MP3 players 40 Million plus)

This means there is a built in market out there for podcasters. The big difference is this is an opt in Market - If someone subscribes to a podcast they are very interested in the podcast. From that podcast you can target specific advertising based on the likes of the listener.

With a lower cost of delivery of the podcast vs Radio you can pay less money for an Ad that is far better targeted to the Listener.

If you want to learn more about podcasting go to this site

From this you can really understand podcasting. Do not under estimate the content being produced by people out side the traditional media industries.

Rob W

Posted by: Robert Walch on May 26, 2005 05:53 PM

RADIO IS DEAD FOR ADVERTISERS....reads the headlines. Hate caps but had to do it.

The chip has been perfected in Huangshan, China. It blocks out ALL live radio transmitted "commercials"!!! It has the exact same features as Tivo or DVR. It pauses and cuts live radio. You never hear or record a single commercial.

You are able to record multiple radio settings at the same time......just like tivo or dvr with television. It has officially marked the termination date for radio as an advertising medium altogether.

In time...individuals record so many songs played...from so many different formats and commercial free....that they will eventually fill an iPod with all the different songs.

The chip understands what song it's recording which is why it will never "record" the same song twice on live radion. For those avid listeners of radio can automatically set up to record them during the week commercial free and play them Saturday as a marathon if you wish.

Here's the coffin….get in radio. The chip device is so easy to install on any radio receiver anywhere, especially in cars, it will give all control to the listener.

With production costs at only $10 USD a chip....would any ad whore like me like to say a few last words for radio advertising?! Radio is Dead for Advertisers…..reads the headlines.

Posted by: kab on May 26, 2005 09:54 PM

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