McDonald's Get Billboard Culture Jam


Boing Boing points to Laughing Squid who covered The Billboard Liberation Front's culture jam activities Memorial Day in San Francisco when the group changed a billboard to humorously illustrate what some think McDonald's has come to represent. The billboard, with the headline, "To Serve Man," had an animatronic Ronald McDonald force feeding a fat kid. Laughing Squid has the whole story and tons of pictures.

by Steve Hall    May-31-05   Click to Comment   
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SFist covered this as press. Pictures and MP3s of the clowns, cops and onlookers. We'll have video of the animatronic Ronald up shortly.

Posted by: Jackson West on May 31, 2005 11:35 AM

Why is McDonald's is the only one taking the heat for clogging our collective arteries? Why is Burger King not equally culpable? Or Wendy's? Or Jack in the Box? Or Carl Jr.? Or Hardee's? I'm just sayin' is all. . .

Posted by: R. McDonald on May 31, 2005 12:50 PM


I think it's because McD's is the father of fast food as we know it, and primarily markets to children and families. Sure, the other outlets do, but really because they are just copying the success of McD's in this regard.


Posted by: bill on May 31, 2005 1:59 PM

Once you let a corporation define your "creative" you are done. McDonald's has controlled every "protest" situation because they have defined what your actions, protests, voicing, will be. How? The humans acting will never have an effect on them until you do one thing.

The only thing McDonalds has ever done in their entire corporate history was to throw us humans a bone…and they have been able to squash any resistance because of it. Feed the masses with a bone(big mac, shakes, fries, etc.) and the public will be unable to do anything because their mouths are to full.

“There’s a protest due to the fact that our kids are fat as can be”. Solution…lets show the ingredients of the products so as to allow parents to make an “informed” decision as to what lower fat product they can eat. (ingredients=bone)

“McDonald’s is the scorn of the earth because they make EVERYONE obese” The bone? Just add a cheap salad bar please.

“McD’s is an exploitive corporation that hates everyone” Bone? Ronald McDonald House.

“breaking child labor laws” Bone=”better interviewing”

The ONLY thing they know how to throw you a bone to end your stupidity.

The second you allow McD’s to control your creative you have lost. Eg. A horrific billboard with billions of children being force fed…..accomplished? Nothing. Everyone on the planet knows the food is going to kill them one day similar to smolking. Everyone who looks at your billboard will go “so what”…I knew that…who care’s”. By letting McD’s control your creative….everyone looks upon you as some kind of radical, militant, troublemakers. At that moment in time…..your message is destroyed.

You must direct it at McDonald’s itself. Never the masses. Eg….we care about a great company that has done amazing things for all, money etc….and we know they can do better. Help our children and parents understand what can be done to make McDonald’s the most nutritious fast food on the planet. Similar to “support the troops”….a company will never say they hate nutrition.

See? Now you are in total control of the message…and its one they HAVE TO listen to.

Posted by: kab on May 31, 2005 4:31 PM

Yes I agree that McDonalds is unhealthy and unethical, it seems most corporations are. But I'm not being forced to eat McDonalds and neither are those kids. I don't buy this group's argument that it's all McDonald’s fault, parents need to be held accountable as well. This is a nation where we vote with our dollars. An overwhelming amount of parents are voting for McDonalds.

Posted by: Daniel Lee on May 31, 2005 5:38 PM

The protestors are only demonstrating how clueless they are. It's pathetic, really. They sincerely want to blame a corporation for their own irresponsibility and lack of dinner-time discipline. That's the most unethical behavior on display here.

Posted by: evil_grimace on June 1, 2005 10:36 AM

But I'm not being forced to eat McDonalds and neither are those kids.
If advertising didn't work, corporations wouldn't spend billions of dollars on it.

The protestors (sic) are only demonstrating how clueless they are.
On the contrary it is you who are clueless. You've never read our manifesto. We don't protest, we don't draw attention to the irresponsibility of corporations. That would be boring, there are plenty of knee-jerk activist for that. We love billboards and corporations and consider our 'improvements' a free gift to our clients to help spread the message the general populace isn't quite getting.

We have large ideas and we like our message to match in stature.

Posted by: milton rand kalman on June 1, 2005 8:31 PM