Paris Hilton Promotes FatBoy Slim Single

Drowing? That's Hot

British musician FatBoy Slim (Norman Cook) has released a new single, a new video and has grabbed Paris Hilton to promote it. Well, sort of. She appears in some footage, shot by Cook in LA, which which won't be seen in the final cut but is being used in a viral video, developed an seeded by ASABAILEY, to promote the release of the video which debuts on MTV this week.

The viral clip shows Hilton and two others, watching a man eat a chicken leg only to later drown to death in a swimming pool. She stands there like good old fashioned eye candy while poor guy drowns. Then, with her couldn't care less flair, she dials 911.

MTV has agreed to air the full-length video (see it here) only after 9pm; the video has racial and violent undertones, as it tells the story of a day in the life of an American racist and how his racism, ultimately, kills him.

According to Baily, the campaign has sparked comments from a number of minority group organizations, saying the video is exploiting racial issues to simply promote Fatboy Slim and it mocks the sensitive issue of racism. All advertising exploits something, right? Besides, the guy gets his due in the end.

by Steve Hall    May- 7-05   Click to Comment   
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