Radio Shown to be Reach Medium

Erwin Ephron takes a detailed look at the radio advertising medium and debunks the myth that radio is a frequency buy more so than a reach buy. Armed with the latest PPM figures from Arbitron, Ephron very clearly demonstrates buying radio based on reach trumps a radio buy bought based on frequency.

by Steve Hall    May-31-05   Click to Comment   

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RADIO IS DEAD FOR ADVERTISERS....reads the headlines. Hate caps but had to do it.

The chip has been perfected in Huangshan, China. It blocks out ALL live radio transmitted "commercials"!!! It has the exact same features as Tivo or DVR. It pauses and cuts live radio. You never hear or record a single commercial.

You are able to record multiple radio settings at the same time......just like tivo or dvr with television. It has officially marked the termination date for radio as an advertising medium. In time...individuals record so many songs played...from so many different formats and commercial free....that they will eventually fill an iPod with all the different songs.

The chip understands what song it's recording which is why it will never "record" the same song twice. For those avid listeners of radio can automatically set up to record them during the week commercial free and play them Saturday as a marathon if you wish.

Here's the coffin….get in radio. The chip device is so easy to install on any radio receiver anywhere, especially in cars, it will give all control to the listener.

With production costs at only $10 USD a chip....would any ad whore like me like to say a few last words for radio advertising?! Radio is Dead for Advertisers…..reads the headlines.

Posted by: kab on May 31, 2005 6:56 PM

This will be my last rant. Now that I understand that I should only write about misspellings, put downs of other individuals here, criticism of ads that have nothing to say about a change or a different way of thinking about them, and of course the ubiquitous complete stray from what the rant material was describing.

Something has just brutally and savagely ripped the arms and legs off of radio. It’s amazing that the “powers that be” who ever reads this, whether in radio or whatever medium, are still talking and writing about how well and how effective their finger and toe nails are going to be painted.


Posted by: kab on June 1, 2005 3:45 PM