Billboard Parodies FOX News


On Monday, a billboard on Sepulveda Boulevard, south of Santa Monica, CA went up that included an image of a shadowy Uncle Sam figure controlling a newscaster puppet. The accompanying headline reads, "Shox News Channel: We Distort, You Comply." The billboard, created by political artist Karen Fiorito, is said to parody monopolistic corporate media and is the second billboard created by the outspoken Fiorito who says her work is designed to explore the relationship between politics, propaganda and art.

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by Steve Hall    Jun-22-05    
Topic: Outdoor, Spoofs

Bike Ride to Cannes Supports Leukemia


Five years ago, Ridley Scott's production company, RSA Films, founded The Fireflies Ride to raise money for Leukemia research organization Lueka. Five years later, it's still going strong.

The Fireflies Ride is a rugged, nine day ride through the mountains from Geneva to Cannes. This year a "rider," actor-writer Theodore Bouloukos, has launched his own website that tracks his progress with a new video clip every day. It's a pro bono project by the now corporation.

The viral website and all content was created by HBXIV, the now corporation's viral unit. the now corporation is also co-sponsoring a party to welcome the riders when they arrive in Cannes. Though the ride takes nine days for the Fireflies to complete, no one knows just how long Theo will ride. You'll know why after you see his physique.

by Steve Hall    Jun-22-05    
Topic: Viral

Martini Promotes Pool With Kooky Videos


With two funny movies, Martini is promoting an inflatable pool on the shape of their logo, BlogFonk reports. The campaign was created by Doorn $ Roos Advertising and is part of a larger Martini Mansion promotion.

by Steve Hall    Jun-22-05    
Topic: Online

'Monopoly' Promoted With Country-Wide Game


DDB London and Tribal DDB have created a real-time live game for the launch of Monopoly's revamped anniversary edition, Monopoly Here and Now. People all over Britain will be able to compete against each other playing Monopoly live on a life-size playing board - the streets of London. The company hopes thousands from all over the country will play this life sized game of Monopoly, with London taxis as their playing pieces, controlled via GPS technology. The live game launched on June 20 and will run for one month.

To play the live game, players register at, choose their piece, represented by a London taxi, and decide where to spend their 15 million capital. Each taxi is Monopoly-branded and fitted with a GPS transmitter, using security technology, so that its location is known at all times.

The taxi drives around London, picking up and dropping off passengers as normal, and the player pays out rent as their cab passes properties they don't own, and receives rent in turn when other cabs pass areas that they do. There are daily and weekly prizes to play for, and the grand prize is winning your mortgage or rent paid for a year.

by Steve Hall    Jun-22-05    
Topic: Promotions

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Range Rover Sport Promoted With Nightscape Microsite


To promote its new Range Rover Sport, Land Rover has launched a website called, "The New Rush," which launches you into a night time cityscape complete with nightclub and mysterious people on the sidewalk. All of this, of course, is interspersed with touch points that explain the vehicle's features. While we think this an engaging and information filled experience, one Adrants reader thinks there's a drug overtone to it writing, " appears RUSH is some sort of red light district type nightclub with all sorts of party-goers hanging out front and a blinking red R florescent sign. Also, when you roll your mouse over one of the couples, a conversation bubble pops up that says, "What lines." Now being a bona fide drug researcher, I can assure you that this can have double and triple meanings especially since this creative relies more on heroin based sensibilities then cocaine ones." We've retired from the drug scene so we'll have to leave it to those in the filed to offer further comment.

The campaign is also supported by outdoor pointing to the website.

by Steve Hall    Jun-22-05    
Topic: Creative Commentary, Online

SbB Girls Come to New York


Sports by Brooks founder Brooks has the perfect life. He's combined sports and hot women into a popular website about sports and, well, hot women. Sports by Brooks also hosts sporting trivia events weekly. This summer, he's on tour, along with the SbB girls and will hit New York tonight at the Overlook Lounge; Boston June 25 at Crossroads Irish Pub and Washington June 28 at Hawk n Dove. Brooks has mastered the art of promoting a business with beautiful women. It's all tastefully, yet tantalizingly done and, if you like women, we guarantee your eyes will pop out of your head and you will drool uncontrollably. OK, well figuratively, at least. Currently, Denise takes our breath away.

by Steve Hall    Jun-22-05    
Topic: Promotions

Female Copywriter Hates WE's Bridezilla Campaign

We've Come A Long Way

While we all might get a chuckle or two out of watching a bunch of women dressed in bridal gowns digging for cash inside a wedding cake in the middle of Times Square, female copywriter, Veronica, writing on her A Big Fat Waste of Time weblog, thinks WE's Bridezilla and its promotional campaign degrades women and portrays them as brainless gold diggers. Aside from that fact that's the point of the show and there'd be no show if the brides didn't act like that, Veronica writes, "Sure those kinds of women exist in the world. There are a lot of Black guys in jail, too, but I think we reached our quota on those kinds of movie roles a long time ago, don't you?" She hopes the whole thing wins the AWNY Grand Ugly Award.

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by Steve Hall    Jun-22-05    
Topic: Campaigns

De Beers Co-Ops Botticelli In Campaign


In a recent ad campaign, diamond giant De Beers has modeled their advertising after Botticelli. The ad currently appears in the July issue of Town and Country. It appears as a spread with this image on the left hand side. For fun, the full Botticelli image is here. Thanks to Adrants reader Christopher Peterson.

by Steve Hall    Jun-22-05    
Topic: Magazine