Levi's 'Monsters' Spotted in San Francisco


Adrants reader Nick Mathisen informs us Levi's has placed several "Denim Monsters," jeans placed in odd, artistic configurations, in Union Square in San Francisco. Not a bad way to sell jeans. See full images here and on Nick's blog.

by Steve Hall    Jun-29-05    
Topic: Outdoor

Town Sprayed With Scent to Attract Women


If you don't look closely while watching this tongue in cheek news reel about a female-deprived town in Alaska that scented itself aerially to attract women, you'll miss the fact it's a viral for Axe Deodorant. The clip is peppered with witty one liners and quips delivered non-chalantly and straight-faced making for, in our opinion, an effective piece of viral marketing.

by Steve Hall    Jun-29-05    
Topic: Viral

Trump Does Housework For All


Unilever has launched a site called Introducing Domestic Donald which features a cartoon body topped with Donald Trump's head. Spouting off Trumpy one-liners, The Donald wanders about a kitchen responding to requests to do the laundry, wash the dishes, prepare dinner, wash clothes and mop the floor. The whole thing's a sweepstakes offering for a "Luxury Weekend With Donald Trump" that requires the entry of a code found on stickers affixed to promotional packs of All detergent.

This is the kind of online promotion we like. Simple. Uncomplex. Moderately amusing. And quick enough to get through without having to waste too much time. And painless enough to be done with before becoming annoyed

by Steve Hall    Jun-29-05    
Topic: Celebrity, Creative Commentary, Online

Tats Cru Creates Second Hummer Graffiti Mural

Three Days to Defacement

In early June, professional graffiti artists Tats Cru created a mural for the new Hummer H3. Not long after it's creation, it was defaced as is standard practice when corporations usurp what is believed by many to be a non-commercial art form. Today, our pavement pounding press persona, Bucky Turco, stumbled upon another Tats Cru-created Hummer H3 mural on East 18th and First Avenue in Manhattan. Acknowledging the create/destruct relationship between cool-hunting corporations and graffiti purists, Turco said, "I give it a shelf life of under 3 days before it is defaced."

It's natural for graffiti purists to wash away corporate intrusion on their turf. However, it's going to be in interesting battle as more and more companies, such as Time, purchase space for commercial graffiti artists to tag. It's on thing to deface unappealing corporate graffiti on random,. unpaid surfaces. It's another to deface paid space. View three large images of the mural here.

by Steve Hall    Jun-29-05    
Topic: Outdoor

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