Earthlink Promotes Protection With Super Heroes


Following the Superheroes theme, Crispin Porter + Bogusky has created a microsite, called Cyber Heroes, for Earthlink promoting the ISP's scam, scam, virus and spyware blocking services. The site, which represents the three threats with three Cyber Heroes; Stephanie, Don and Rashidi, who each have professional sport-like profiles and can be pit against the threats in several games. The site also offers screensaver downloads, product description areas and a Cyber Gear area where visitors can register to win a Cyber Hero Cape in the form of a towel. Many areas of the microsite point to various areas of the Earthlink website to provide additional details.

With most ISPs falling into the boring, commodity-like category, CP + B has done a good job at least bringing a little fun to the mundane but excruciatingly nagging aspects of spam, scams, spyware and viruses which take the fun out of everyday Internet life.

Some love it. Some call it lame. Join the debate in the Adrants Network

by Steve Hall    Jun- 3-05   Click to Comment   
Topic: Online   

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Geez, anytime someone at Crispin so much as blows their nose, you treat it like a breaking news story. They are already insanely overhyped everywhere else - do you have to fall into that trap, too? Sure, they do some good stuff, but the Earthlink stuff is lame and hardly worth mentioning. Learn to develop some critical perspective, will ya?

Posted by: Zulu as Kono on June 3, 2005 10:30 AM

I strongly disagree with Zulu, how is the Earthlink minisite lame? Have you seen the audio activated screensaver that reacts to the microphone? I've never seen that sort of viral marketing application written before, please get your facts straight, before you start bashing and hating.

Posted by: Megax on June 23, 2005 3:16 AM