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Coke 'Chilltop' Celebrates 'Hilltop' In Cheesefest

Cheesy Chilltop Chillers

We knew this was coming though is it just us or does anyone else think CP + B's re-creation of the classic Coke Hilltop commercial, Chilltop, is a pretentious ball of cheesiness? We most certainly love CP + B and, granted, they aren't the one doing the singing but this is really bad. Apparently, there was something OK about a bunch of semi-hippie types banding together to save the world in 1971 but it just doesn't ring true in today's ironically post-ironic, cynically jaded culture. Perhaps we just can't get past white guys trying to sound black. Or ads that throw in the token black. Or the token cutie who whose sole purpose it to look cute, bat her eyelashes and start another fan blog.

Oh, don't listen to us. Come to think of it, the 1971 version is slathered with Whiz loads of cheese too. That said, remakes of anything, especially those referred to as "classic," are rarely a good thing.

by Steve Hall    Jun-28-05    
Topic: Commercials

Tom Cruise Movie Promotes Scientology


While we're all for co-marketing, marketing tie-ins and other forms of mutual backscratching, an Adrants informant points out the striking similarities between Tom Cruise's War of the World movie poster and Tom Cruise's...uh...we mean L. Ron Hubbard's book about Scientology. Coincidence or subtle bully pulpitting?

by Steve Hall    Jun-28-05    
Topic: Poster

Studies Suggest DVRs Not So Bad For Advertisers


Two recent studies of DVR usage point to potential advertiser benefits. an ESPN study found 85 percent of DVR households own just one DVR and 68 percent of DVR household viewing is done in front of the DVR-enabled television. Some believe this implies group and/or family viewing. MPG CEO Charlie Rutman commented to MediaPost on the study, saying, "I've felt for some time that in some respects, the DVR might actually encourage viewing, especially family viewing. When you think about it, the DVR becomes the media center of the household, and draws everyone to it."

Another study conducted by Frank N. Magid Associates found 55 percent of DVR users stop "on occasion" during fast forward to view a commercial. This leads some to believe all is not lost for the :30. The Magid study suggest agencies adopt alternative production techniques "with less cuts and stronger visual elements. Producers need to understand how each DVR system differs, such as how the fast-forward bar intrudes on the TV screen, and the impact it has on graphic placement."

by Steve Hall    Jun-28-05    
Topic: Television

Paris Hilton Spoof Vaults Recruitment Firm to National Fame

In true buzz marketing form, recruitment firm, Accolo, which created a spoof, called "rethink Recruiting," of the famous Paris Hilton Carl's Jr. commercial has seen itself catapulted into the national limelight. The firm will be featured on a segment of Good Morning America at 7:40 AM EST. The spoof has been viewed 1.5 millions times and will also be featured on A Current Affair, Entertainment Tonight, Tarrant on TV in the UK, Fuji TV in Japan and the Today Show in Australia. In addition to television coverage, the spoof has been covered on upwards of 1,000 weblogs as well as The New York Times, The New York Post, Star Magazine and the San Francisco Chronicle among others.

by Steve Hall    Jun-27-05    
Topic: Viral

LogoLounge Issues Logo Trends Report

From flames to folly stars to amalgams to weaves to whips, the LogoLounge has put together a collection of logo trends for your viewing pleasure. See if you can find the logos you created and whether you agree with LogoLounge's categorization.

by Steve Hall    Jun-27-05    

Author Won't Publicize Book, Publisher Launches Marcomm Menagerie


To promote the John Twelve Hawks book, "The Traveler," Doubleday is using street teams at concerts and other events a well as an intricate online game and character integration sites. The game, which is very detailed, lets players sureveil characters from the book and a character blog will let readers inside the mind of one of the book's characters.

Other sites, which relate to the book but do not link to the main site are here, here, and here.

All this because the author lives off the grid and refuses to do publicity. You gotta love these artsy types who don't care whether their work gets seen or not.

by Steve Hall    Jun-27-05    

Adrants Network Grows to 2,000 Members

Last week, the Adrants Network, hosted on Soflow, hit the 2,000 member mark and shows no sign of slowing down. Advertising industry professionals are realizing the Network, with it's networking features and discussion forums, is a beneficial place to share thoughts, ideas, trends, strategies, and insights. If you work in the business and you want to dial into the latest adver-meme, know what's up before everyone else does and connect with others in the business, join now. It's free. It's fun. And it's professionally rewarding.

by Steve Hall    Jun-27-05    
Topic: Announcements

Wendy's Joins Food Fornication Ad Trend


While this one isn't as blatant, another fast food marketers seems to want people to fornicate with its products. First, McDonald's ran a banner campaign with the headline "I'd Hit it." Now, Andrew Teman points to a Wendy's ad for its Chicken Sandwich which contains the headline "Do a Spicy Chicken Sandwich. Now, we all know there's an association between food and sex but we're not quite sure fast food falls into the category of mood-altering quisine.

by Steve Hall    Jun-27-05    
Topic: Brands, Campaigns, Magazine, Strange

Beer Drinking Team Apparel Strikes Wal-Mart Distribution Deal


Beer proponent United States Beer Drinking Team has signed a deal with Wal-Mart to carry its USBDT, Beer Radio and Beer Hall of Fame branded apparel line in over 1,500 stores nationwide. The group will also be launching a Canadian Beer Drinking Team July 1.

by Steve Hall    Jun-27-05    
Topic: Point of Purchase

Office Phones Go Crazy, Covad Rescues

Capitalizing on a three year old movie, Covad has launched "The Ringing," a spoof on the movie The Ring with telephone equipment designed to scare the crap out of office workers so they switch to Covad equipment. It's fairly amusing even if a few years late.
by Steve Hall    Jun-27-05    

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