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Grafitti Bomber Launches Lifestyle Brand


Hipster hunter, Bucky Turco, tells us female graffiti writer CLAW, a well know and respected 'bomber,' has launched clawmoney.com with the help of web designers to promote her CLAW Money lifestyle brand.

The heavily graffiti 'done right' - inspired site showcases some of her new wares, sunglasses, and graffiti skills. Her infamous CLAW tag/logo has afforded her cult status amongst graffiti aficionados, fashionistas, editors, and has definitely caught the ire of NYPD's Vandal Squad. Although she mainly works as a consultant, designer and a fashion editor, she still finds time to 'bomb' and keep the Vandal Squad busy photographing her work from time to time. Claw has even caught the attention of designer Calvin Klein as she was chosen to launch their new artist series 'choice' line set for release this summer.

This vandal turned fashionista is all about business as well as destruction, having hired hipsterati PR firm Brand Pimps Media Whores to do all her press and ho' sale.

Turco says, "What I like about Claw is that she is one of the illest bombers and is now using that notoriety and prowess to legally 'bomb' the fashion world. She literally gets respect on the streets and on the runways. And most importantly, unlike so many other brands that try and misappropriate graffiti, she utilizes it and promotes it flawlessly."

by Steve Hall    Jun-27-05    
Topic: Trends and Culture

Creative Guys Sell Handicapped T-Shirts


A couple of ad buddies, PHD Account Planner Torsten Gross and freelance art director Martin Sondergaard have launched a line of t-shirts that unmercifully poke fun at cripples, yes, cripples in a very un-PC manner. Before all you PC types get all worked up, Gross is a cripple himself and enjoys celebrating that fact - even if it's in a way that some might not like. So take a five minute, PC-free break. You know you're sick of using words like "physically-challenged," "special" and "handicapped" all the time, right?

by Steve Hall    Jun-27-05    

American Apparel Hires Porn Star to Sell Tube Socks


You've seen the ads. Images of fresh-faced, yet been there, girls of questionable age posing seductively to sell clothes. It's always been American Apparel's approach to advertising. Gritty, un-retouched, almost slutty imagery but acceptable enough because it looks like pictures a guy might have taken of his girlfriend while fooling around in bed. Writing in the San Fransisco Chronicle, Mark Morford claims American Apparel has gone "pro" hiring AVN porn star Lauren Phoenix. Not that this is actually news with Fleshbot having published this almost a month ago but we thought you'd like to know. Thanks Barry.

by Steve Hall    Jun-27-05    
Topic: Brands

Cinema Advertising is Not Cool

Certain to cause our Tivo-addicted, ad avoiding culture to unleash a mammoth-sized torrent of popcorn on him, National CineMedia CMO said, "How cool would it be for someone to walk into your living room, sit down and watch a large-screen version of your commercial, and know that there is nowhere else for them to go?" Yes, Cliff, how cool would it be to hang from a noose tied to your nuts? We've paid our ten dollars to see the movie and will pass on the ads, thank you very much.

by Steve Hall    Jun-27-05    
Topic: Point of Purchase

Former CNET Sales VP to Head Blog Network Sales

Chas Edwards, former VP of sales and marketing for CNET Network's B2B sites will, on July 11, head over to John Batelle's new blog network, FM Publishing, to head sales. The network will launch with between 10 and 20 technology focused weblogs and branch out to, perhaps, culture-focused blogs.

by Steve Hall    Jun-27-05    
Topic: Weblogs

Book Ad Acknowledges People's Intelligence


To promote its new book called Countdown to Crisis, Crown Publishers has placed a series of blog ads that contain the usual, gushing quotes from those who love the book but, unusually, they also include quotes from those who hate the book. Rarely do advertisers call attention to the negative aspects of a product or service, choosing to highlight only the positive. While nothing is perfect and everyone knows it, the continual positive-spin, adver-blather most ads spew forth just falls on deaf ears after a while.

People are intelligent and enjoy being treated intelligently. In the case of this book ad, pointing people to a negative review is not necessarily a bad thing. Perhaps after reading the review, a person considering the book might think the reviewer's opinion simply isn't relevant to their mindset or book buying consideration set. With people armed with endless sources of information regarding any and all advertised product, hiding or glossing over the truth is pointless. Crown Publishers knows this.

by Steve Hall    Jun-26-05    
Topic: Online

Advertising In Games West Show Announced


Computer and video game conference and event planner, The Game Initiative, has announced the Advertising In Games West forum at 600 Toensend in San Francisco July 28, 2005. Advertising in Games Forums bring together advertisers, publishers and game makers to discuss the opportunities and challenges of ads in games.

Speakers include industry leaders from both the game industry and the advertising business, including: Microsoft, Ogilvy Interactive, Double Fusion, Wild tangent, Massive Incorporated, Nielsen Interactive Entertainment, United Talent Agency, Yankee Group, BlockDot, InGame partners, Skyworks Technologies, Arnell Group and others. Visit the conference website for more information.

by Steve Hall    Jun-26-05    
Topic: Games, Industry Events

Nike Steals Album Art For Skateboarding Poster


Apparently, Nike has taken, without permission, the 1984 album design of Dischord Records artist Minor Threat and turned it into a skateboarding poster for the company's "Major Threat" East Coast Tour. When asked by Pitchfork Media if Nike had obtained permission to mirror the art, Dischord Records said, "No, they stole it and we're not happy about it. Nike is a giant corporation which is attempting to manipulate the alternative skate culture to create an even wider demand for their already ubiquitous brand. Nike represents just about the antithesis of what Dischord stands for and it makes me sick to my stomach to think they are using this explicit imagery to fool kids into thinking that the general ethos of this label, and Minor Threat in particular, can somehow be linked to Nike's mission. It's disgusting."

by Steve Hall    Jun-24-05    
Topic: Promotions

A&E Launches Tattoo Weblog


On behalf of the A&E Network, ElectricArtists has launched, INKEDblog, a weblog covering the topic of tattoos. It is ElectricArtists' second branded weblog following their work for Svedka Vodka's Garden of Sweden blog. Each week, INKEDblog will showcase INKED on A&E - highlighting, stories, articles, information and content related to the show prior to the series' premiere on July 20th.

by Steve Hall    Jun-24-05    

Yahoo, Revenue Science Dabble Unknowingly in Porn

It's been reported that Yahoo is testing a behavioral ad program using targeting technology from Revenue Science which places Yahoo text ads on pages based on user behavior. Two pilot sites, dogster.com and catster.com are running the tests. A third site, photo sharing site tinypic.com, though un-announced, also appears to be part of the program based on a peak at the site's source code. Intriguingly, while many of the pictures on the site are garden variety, a sizable handful fall into the porn category. We're talking soft here. Nothing horrific. Just basic nudity.

A tipster wonders what's going on writing, "There is little relevant context in porn, but behavioral can give them the ability to target ads based on past behavior. Interesting question would be whether they are tracking and retaining the users surfing on the porn for future targeting on other websites."

TinyPic clearly states no nudity or offensive pictures are allowed but, obviously, a few got through. Likely, they will be quickly removed.

by Steve Hall    Jun-24-05    
Topic: Online

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