Kids Magazine Begs GM For Ad Dollars


In a direct approach to getting the attention of GM CEO Rick Wagoner, Kidz Magazine has placed a billboard in Detroit with the headline, "Mr. Wagoner, why isn't GM talking to the people who make 60% Of The Family Car Buying DECISION? Go To for an Epiphany. Sincerely Scott." Scot is Scott Smith, publisher of Kidz Magazine, a magazine "written by kids for kids." While Scott cites GM itself will be able to confirm the figure, it's unclear what, exactly, that 60 percent represents. Some would say this is as an odd way to ask an advertiser for money, but we all know kids were born to beg and do hold great influence over their parents.

One has to wonder, though, if involving children in a $20,000 plus buying decision is a wise idea. Kids are already assaulted with enough advertising to drown out even the media coverage of Tom Cruise's insane Scientology/Depression/Brooke Shields rantings. I have very clear memories of begging my Dad not to buy the dreaded station wagon, precursor to today's dreaded minivan. As it turns out, he bought the station wagon anyway. Had I seen an ad in Kidz Magazine, maybe I would have been armed with the proper persuasive techniques to properly "influence" my father.

by Steve Hall    Jun- 1-05   Click to Comment   
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