MTV Does the Viral Thing Again


MediaPost's Out to Launch covers the debut of a viral campaign for the MTV Movie Awards which contains cutting room floor footage of auditions and award category clips that didn't make the final edit such as "Best Almost Topless Scene," "Best Man-Dog High Five" and Best Man In A Pirate Hat." The guys behind Two Headed Dog, NightAgency, crafted this one. There's also an viral that poses as a casting agency, Sunrise Casting Studios, which contains horrific faux audition clips for Troy, Ray and Spiderman.

Other wonders that pass for ad campaigns this week include an iTunes MSN Music campaign, Maxim's Mantropy which we covered here earlier, an online campaign for HBO's Entourage, a Mountain Dew billboard campaign that somehow gets pictures of passersby on the boards, a Spanish language campaign for GMC that focuses on community heroes and a Scott's Fertilizer STEP program-like campaign for local California home improvement chain Orchard Supply Hardware.

by Steve Hall    Jun- 2-05   Click to Comment   
Topic: Viral   

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