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London Gets 2012 Olympics, NYC Still Advertising


Steve Rubel points to yet another not so well timed contextual ad placement. Today, London was selected to host the 2012 Olympics. In a Yahoo story announcing the news, a New York City Olympic bid ad appeared embedded within the article. Not that anyone's to blame as you can't always time your ad campaign to breaking news but it wasn't looking good for New York for quite some time.

by Steve Hall    Jul- 6-05    
Topic: Campaigns, Online

School Considers Selling Naming Rights

The proliferation of ad creep has made it far too easy for institutions in need of money to turn to marketers for relief. Naming building and stadiums was once taboo. Now, it's odd if a sports arena is not named after a marketer. A school in New Jersey sold the naming rights to its gymnasium to local grocery store Shop-Rite and now an elementary school in suburban Detroit is considering courting marketers to name its new school.

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by Steve Hall    Jul- 5-05    
Topic: Brands, Policy, Sponsorship

Paris Hilton Adjusts Panties, Sells Yellow Pages


AdJab points to a new Paris Hilton ad bonanza. This time, she's gone international and is hawking GoYellow, a German online yellow pages service. In the commercial, Paris primps and frolics on her bed as only Paris can while adjusting her yellow boy panties, eating a red apple and waiting for the delivery boy to arrrive

Even better than the commercial is Paris's bubble-headed "performance at the press conference which you can view here.

by Steve Hall    Jul- 5-05    
Topic: Celebrity, Commercials

Nike Teams With Graffiti Writer For Lance Armstrong Promotion


Crashing the swelling corporate graffiti party, Nike has teamed with graffiti writer, Futura, to create a series of symbols and icons that illustrate Lance Armstrong's personality and challenging life story. The images were then reproduced on Lance's Tour De France time trial bike. A website ties it all together and promotes Armstrong's new line called 10/2 which is the date that he was diagnosed with testicular cancer

Big, bad, biker Bucky comments, "With the rising popularity of bicycling and Lance himself, I think it's really cool that NIKE would hire an underground celeb like Futura to work on a project like this." And now, the comment section eagerly awaits the wrath of graffiti purists.

UPDATE: Futura offers his own take in the comment section.

by Steve Hall    Jul- 5-05    
Topic: Promotions

Casino Picks Not-So-Smart Name

Yet another California Native American casino has opened in the Southern California area. While we know a lot of morons go to casinos believing they will leave rich, the Morongo casino seems to be openly welcoming these people in both spirit and in name.

by Steve Hall    Jul- 4-05    
Topic: Brands

Safe Sex Campaign Says 'No Rubba, No Hubba Hubba'


Adland pokes fun at a New Zealand safe sex campaign commercial which features a cartoon rapper spouting, "there will be no hubba hunbba if you ain't got no rubba." Give it a look. It's funny. It's stupid. It might even work.

by Steve Hall    Jul- 4-05    

Listen Up Lindsay Lohan And The Hollywood Anti-Boob Squad


Dear Lindsay,

We just saw your movie, Herbie: Fully Loaded. You know what? It was great! It really was. Congratulations. It was entertaining. It made us feel for Herbie. And for you. We cheered. We laughed. And, it did the original justice. Best of all, you looked great. Really great. So, to all those buffoons and gossipists who obsessed over Disney supposedly digitally reducing a certain part of your body but wouldn't be caught dead in a G rated Disney flick to confirm the myth, we say, "Go see the movie people! There's more Lohan jiggling in Herbie than in all her other movies combined." And get this. The movie was so good, the six year old we refer to as daughter who watched the movie with us didn't even ask, "Daddy, why does her chest keep moving?"

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by Steve Hall    Jul- 2-05    
Topic: Celebrity

Agency Pays Homless People to Promote Itself


While it's been by other companies for other purposes, GoGORILLA Media, a New York based guerrilla marketing firm, has been employing homeless people in an effort to promote its services to advertising agencies. Several homeless men and women have been spotted outside New York advertising agencies holding a hand-scribbled sign which explains their plight. Right next to the sign is a box full of GoGORILLA brochures. While one would wish there to be no homeless people in the world, one hopes, for GoGORRILLA's reputation, these sign holders really are homeless and not paid interns made to look homeless.

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by Steve Hall    Jul- 1-05    
Topic: Guerilla

Vespa Launches Customer-Written Weblog


Back in May, we reported PR firm CooperKatz would be launching two customer-written weblogs designed to encourage Americans to take up scootering. Steve Rubel of CooperKatz tell us the first of the two blogs, Vespaway, has launched today and will be written by two Vespa customers, Jonathon Ogilvy (hmm...) and Neil Barton. The two will not be paid following the theory if someone really likes something, they're happy to tell others without compensation. Ogilvy explained the mentality to Business Week's Heather Green saying, "Why else would I do this without getting paid, if it weren't something I completely believe in? I think the world would be a better place if everyone rode a Vespa."

The next Vespa blog will feature two women, one who is a new customer and one who's used a Vespa for a long time.

by Steve Hall    Jul- 1-05    
Topic: Weblogs

OJ Guilty of Containing Sugar


While a decade late on milking the event as a joke, some marketer of canned liquid thought it would be funny to riff on the OJ verdict relating it to their drinks apparent lack of sugar whereas OJ (the drink) is guilty of being high in sugar.

by Steve Hall    Jul- 1-05    
Topic: Outdoor

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