Quark: We Didn't Mean to Copy Your Logo


OK, so this is old news but it's still worth poking fun at. Not that it was intended or anything but Quark has found itself in an embarrassing situation having introduced a new logo that looks almost exactly like the logo of the Scottish Arts Council. Quark says they did all the usual research and vetting but must have missed SAC's logo. Back to the drawing board.

by Steve Hall    Sep-15-05    
Topic: Brands

Sharapova Mobile Billboard Supports Canon Wall Postings


OK, then. So that's how those tennis balls got embedded in the brick wall we saw a few days ago. The tennis star is driving around on a mobile billboard, ready to attack the next, unadorned wall with a rapid fire collection of tennis balls.

by Steve Hall    Sep-15-05    
Topic: Celebrity, Outdoor

Ad Campaign Tells Boys to Control Testosterone


Mix one part drug of choice, one part attractive girl and 3,846 parts not-yet-tamed testosterone and you have the perfect recipe for sexual violence. According to the Department of Justice, girls 16-19 are three and a half times more likely than the general public to become victims of sexual assault and 84 percent of the time, they know their attacker. A recently launched California ad campaign, called My Strength with taglines such as, "So when she wanted me to stop, I stopped," and "So when I paid for our date, she didn't owe me" is encouraging boys to eschew the usual boys club silence and become more active in preventing sexual assaults and reporting them after they occur.

by Steve Hall    Sep-15-05    
Topic: Campaigns

McDonald's Promotes Sandwich With Positive Thinking


Using the stereotypical motivational speaker, McDonald's, with this viral, is encouraging people to improve lunchtime blandness by helping them shatter boring lunchtime thoughts and replacing them with, of course, thoughts of McDonald's Toasted Deli Sandwiches.

by Steve Hall    Sep-15-05    
Topic: Online, Viral

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Wells Fargo Educates With Online Game

si_preview 001_0001_cr.jpg

Created by Swivel Media, Wells Fargo has launched a pilot multi-player, online role-playing game, called Stagecoach Island, designed to educate young adults about the importance of knowing your finances. Currently the game is being deployed in San Diego and Austin and will role out nationally later this year. We have a video preview here.

The game allows players to select a virtual character and participate in an "island adventure." Participants can choose to explore the virtual island -- lush parks, hip cafes, dance clubs, trendy shops, amusement parks, hair salons and more. They can also interact in dozens of virtual, social situations -- like skydiving, riding jets-skis, or playing games like paintball with other participants. Many activities on the island are "free," but participants gain access to other experiences, such as dancing in a club or purchasing new clothes, by spending, saving and earning virtual money. Players can earn money by visiting the Virtual Learning Lounge and answering trivia questions about banking basics such as budgeting, saving and managing money. The Learning Lounge content is derived from Wells Fargo's signature financial literacy program, Hands on Banking.

by Steve Hall    Sep-15-05    
Topic: Games, Online

Penthouse to Launch Cable, Wireless Properties

Giving Playboy some competition, Penthouse has secured $48 million in private funding to pursue an on-demand, subscription cable channel and wireless offering. After going bankrupt two years ago and morphing into a privately held company run by Marc Bell, Penthouse has toned down its raunchy image and plans to introduce more general, non-sexual content.

by Steve Hall    Sep-15-05    
Topic: Cable, Magazine, Mobile/Wireless

Advertising Week Icon Voting Updated

As Advertising Week approaches, officials released Icon/Slogan standings and unveiled banners for 2004 winners.

2005 Icon/Slogan icon vote standings:

  • At a press briefing in front of 437 Madison Avenue, Advertising Week officials announced the leading vote getters so far in the Advertising Week 2005 America's Favorite Icon and Slogan public vote.
  • Juan Valdez, of the venerable Colombian Coffee Federation, has a commanding lead in the 2005 icon voting, followed by the Geico Insurance Gecko. Leader in the 2005 slogan race is Hallmark's "When you care to send the very best," followed by "We deliver for you" from the US Postal Service.
  • Roughly 500,000 people have voted so far this year. Voting runs through September 23 via www.advertisingweek.com or www.advertisingweek.yahoo.com with winners announced on September 26, the opening day of Advertising Week.

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by Steve Hall    Sep-15-05    
Topic: Industry Events

Bangkok Subways Slathered With iPods


This absolutely beautiful iPod wrap on several Bangkok Mass Transit System subway cars makes one wonder why we don't see more of this kind of advertising in the states. Of course, there are only a few advertisers who could be trusted to create artwork that wouldn't end up looking crass and cause the urger to puke while riding to work but America's subway could sure use a little beautification.

by Steve Hall    Sep-15-05    
Topic: Outdoor

Viacom Outdoor Plays Joke On McDonald's


Either a serious case of spiteful humor overcame the Viacom posting crew or human stupidity, as it so often does, reared its uneducated head with this odd placement of a McDonald's billboard directly beneath a childhood obesity billboard. All we say is thank God for the proliferation of digital cameras so we can revel in the oddities and wonders of advertising.

by Steve Hall    Sep-15-05    
Topic: Outdoor

Virgin Atlantic to Choose Ultimate Jetrosexual


Having fun with the whole metrosexual trendlet, Virgin Atlantic Airways announced that nominations for its ongoing Jetrosexual Awards will close this Friday, September 16. Apparently, hundreds of people have nominated their metro/jetrosexual friends since the program launched in June. The program seeks the ultimate Boston and Washington D.C. area entrepreneur and will award the Bostonian and DCist that best personifies the Jetrosexual spirit. Virgin Atlantis says the awards celebrate a "new emerging business culture lead by a growing group of Jetrosexuals, those high fliers who move business and culture forward each and every day."

The nomination site includes a list of 11 Jetrosexual Commandments including "Thou shalt be able to order a beer in at least six different languages" and "Thou shalt respect the five minute rule when using the lavatory." Local semi-finalists will be announced on September 30, 2005, be reviewed by a selection committee with final awards announced October 17, 2005. The winner will enjoy a high flying, Virgin Atlantic Upper Class experience to London.

by Steve Hall    Sep-15-05    
Topic: Online, Promotions, Trends and Culture