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Half of Americans Distrust Mass Media News


As if something to be excited about, a Gallup poll shows half of Americans trust mass media news organizations to report fully, accurately and fairly. And that's up from previous years. Back in 1976 when news was news rather than entertainment, 72 percent trusted news organizations. Today, it's just a circus of talking heads spewing nonsense, sensationalizing things or relentless teasing for the most minuscule of stories that run during the last minute of the broadcast. Where's Walter when you need him?

by Steve Hall    Sep-27-05    
Topic: Research, Television

Sony Turns to Public For Campaign Advice


As marketers increasingly realize the importance of people's input when it comes to the creation of marketing campaigns, Sony U.K., which turned to Neil McFarland and Jon Burgerman to create art for the Sony PSP Wipeout Pure game, is asking people to vote of which design will be used in the launch campaign.

by Steve Hall    Sep-27-05    
Topic: Campaigns, Magazine

Wal-Mart Eyes Tommy Hilfiger Acquisition

Although the embattled apparel marketer is operating in the red, to Wal-Mart it represents a chance to draw more upscale shoppers and better compete against Target Stores, which features fashion lines by well-known designers such as Mossimo Giannulli and Isaac Mizrahi.

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by Steve Hall    Sep-27-05    

Jeep Pimps Out Commander


To launch its new 2006 Jeep Commander, Jeep enlisted Missy Elliot and MAkinE Studios to create a pimped out, hip-hop spot which merges vehicle with music video in a very cool manner. It's certainly much better than most other lame-ass car commercials out there today. Originally designed as a teaser, which aired during MTV’s VMAs, the spots were selected by Jeep to be the primary on-air promotional spot for audiences nationwide. View the commercial here.

by Steve Hall    Sep-27-05    
Topic: Celebrity, Commercials

Reverse-Challenged Lizzie Grubman to Promote Range Rover Sport


Lizzie Grubman Public Relations, headed by the PR queen who, in reverse, ran over 16 people with her Mercedes SUV a while back, has, believe it or not, been hired by Range Rover to promote its new Sport SUV. How quickly people forget. The New York Post reports Grubman's company is hosting an event at Hamilton Horse Farms in New Jersey where celebu-fluentials have been invited to check out the new vehicle. One invitee was a bit shocked at the brand's choice of representation saying, "It's almost as if O.J. Simpson was doing ads for knives."

by Steve Hall    Sep-27-05    
Topic: Promotions

Jennifer Lopez to Launch Baby Head Smelling Perfume


Jennifer Lopez, whose fragrance company has already created three scents, Glow, Still and Live, has asked her smell experts to create a new fragrance that smells like the top of a baby's head. Lopez explained, "They were like, 'Let's get specific, what smells intrigue you right now?' and I was like, 'Well, babies. The smell of a baby’s head, you know, the way the top of their heads smell.' As freaky as that may sound, Lopez was also very clear that no babies' heads would be used in the manufacturing process, "None! None, please, please, I don't need those kinds of accusations about babies. No babies went into that bottle!"

by Steve Hall    Sep-27-05    
Topic: Celebrity

Hilary Swank Joins Key to Cure Cancer Campaign


Oscar winner Hilary Swank has joined the Saks Fifth Avenue Key to The Cure cancer campaign, following Nicole Kidman and Charlize Theron. The Key to The Cure is a two day shopping event help at Saks stores nationwide October 28 and 29. In PSAs promoting the event, Swank will wear a Swarovski crystal covered Diane Von Furstenberg t-shirt. Five percent of sales over the two day period will be donated to cancer research programs.

by Steve Hall    Sep-26-05    
Topic: Campaigns, Celebrity

Study Claims PR Works Better Than PPC Advertising


It's always been known PR is an efficiently powerful thing and here's another bit of research that supports that notion at the expense of pay-per-click advertising. A research brief released today by MarketingExperiments announced that public relations campaigns can cost less and deliver better returns on investment (ROI) than pay-per-click (PPC) advertising campaigns.

Over a six-month period of time, MarketingExperiments tested nine news releases covering various topics that were sent out over professional and free newswire services. MarketingExperiments tracked the direct incoming traffic and backlinks on its site as well as the interview opportunities that resulted from each press release. It also compared the average cost per visit associated with each news release versus both the cost per visit associated with its average optimized PPC campaign and the cost per click for relevant targeted keywords in Google.

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by Steve Hall    Sep-26-05    

President Bush: Lord of War


We've seen this image of a billboard at Mission and Duboce in San Fransisco floating around for w few days so we figured we' share it. It's a billboard for the Nicholas Cage movie Lord of Ward bur the image has been covered over with a picture of President Bush yielding a cute, little political statement for us all to laugh at.

by Steve Hall    Sep-26-05    
Topic: Outdoor, Spoofs

Guidewire Launches Corporate Blogging Survey


Guidewire Group, producer of the BlogOn conference has partnered with content management company iUpload to launch a survey querying corporations on the current state of blogging at the enterprise level and the blogging strategies behind current blog-related initiatives.

by Steve Hall    Sep-26-05    
Topic: Research, Weblogs

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