Locked Out Gnome Gives CBC Employee Excuse to Hang With Hooters Girls


We don't really understand all the details and legalities but this really big Canadian company, CBC, is having this thing called a lock out which, for some weird reason, has put everyone out of a job. Someone said it has to do with some kind of contract negotiation but that's not what's important. What is important is Pedro the Locked Out Gnome. Rather than appear in people garden's as most gnomes do, poor Pedro, who used to work for CBC has been forced to hit the street and appear in pictures with other equally unfortunate souls including, for some odd reason, Hooters waitresses. Oh well, this is advertising after all.

Written by Steve Hall    Comments (1)     File: Weblogs     Sep-30-05  
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the CBC is kind of like our version of PBS. a more accurate comparisson would be to the BBC. there's a couple television stations, a couple radio stations, and a strong web presence. and, because we're officially a bilingual country, there are french versions of all of these too, called 'radio-canada', which is just french CBC.

i have limited knowledge of union workings (even though i'm in one, that's probably bad) but, a lock out is used in a similar way to a strike, only instead of employees refusing to come to work in order to try and push the employer to a decision when negotiating, the employer doesn't let the employees come to work in order to push the union to a decision when negotiating.

god i miss the CBC. they've been locked out for more than a couple months now. of course, while i whine about not having the CBC there are around 5,500 who are locked out and not getting paid. so, um, i'll shut up now. *grin*

Posted by: mainja on October 1, 2005 09:06 AM

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