Wipe Your Ass With This Ad


As part of our continual bickering about the incessant proliferation of inefficient, un-targeted advertising, over two years ago we predicted toilet paper would be the next medium of choice. Well, yesterday, we were sent a link to Just Toilet Paper, a company that imprints toilet paper with all sorts of cutesy designs but that also sells ad space and, as it turns out, has been doing so since 2001. The company, which claims people go to the bathroom, on average, six times a day, will imprint a company's logo or design on various sizes of toilet paper. While there's certainly merit to this medium, what with it's "captive" audience, we're just not sure many brands want people wiping there ass with precious corporate logos. Of course, it's a great way for consumers to take out their aggressions on brands and shit all over the ones they don't like.

by Steve Hall    Sep-22-05   Click to Comment   
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I smell a winner here... Ack... Is that the impression you want to leave on your potential buyer? That their product is good for wiping your ass with?

Next thing you know someone will try to put their ad on a hotel keycard. Oh, wait. :)

Posted by: Dave on September 22, 2005 1:52 PM

I work in urban advertising and people don't even want their ads on the floor (especially restaurants because of the uncleanliness of the medium). I can't see all that many people wanting their ads on toilet paper.

Posted by: Julie on September 23, 2005 10:19 AM

Thank you for posting our information:

From what I have learned advertising is about getting attention.

If one were to walk the aisle of their local supermarket where cleaning supplies is sold, just count the products with the words toilet bowl, toilet paper, toilet cleaner. It would appear that if the manufactures logo printed on rolls of bathroom tissue, this might implant their brands name into the mind of someone who is using the public restroom in that supermarket.

Of course it would take someone from the brand to realize that this concept would work. I would think the Super Market would take many cases of product if it there was no charge.

Second thought. Sports Triva, Sneaker Manufacture use as a promotion at a trade show, or
gives to high schools.

Chart on how to do CPR, used as a promotion tool ofr Drug Companies, or Insurance Companies.

We have just printed Warning Stickers on rolls of toiletpaper for a Alarm Company. I would guess they are covering your butt, when you are not home.

We have just printed The Rejection Letter on rolls of paper for a book publisher.

The only thing that our mails to potential agencies and publications is The Daily Wipe.
This is our press release telling what our company is all about.

Hope I have gotten some of the creative juices flow.

Please contact us with your ideas, who knows
we might even offer you a job.


Marc Polish, Sales Manager

Posted by: marc Polish on October 12, 2005 9:11 AM