iPod Shuffle Gets Different Sort of Consumer-Created Love


Of course, it is conceivable that certain small, white electronic devices might be mistaken for those small, white pregnancy strips that covert pee into a yes or no answer, but this girl really needs to open her eyes.

by Steve Hall    Nov- 3-05    
Topic: Consumer Created

We're Not Covering This, You Viral Spammers


This is at least the 4th email we have received about this viral supposedly created by Subway:

"Somebody claiming to be Jason wrote:

One of my friend's forwarded me this link. I haven't heard anything about it so I thought I'd share.


Seems Subway is doing some kind of video site aimed at teens. it's called SA. The content ranges; some of it is pretty funny. And it looks like they give away Subway gift certificates and other prizes too.

Just thought I'd share."

Yea, Jason. Of course you thought you'd share. You and all the other people being paid to spread this thing around. It's not even good enough to warrant sharing.

by Steve Hall    Nov- 3-05    
Topic: Viral

Ad Age's 'Read Blogs At Work' Survey Self-Serving


Joe Jaffe comments that this week's Ad Age poll, which is a follow on to a study they did about blog readership at work, which asks whether employers should allow staff to read blogs at work is self-serving. I agree and commented that the whole distinction between blogs and mainstream media is overblown, "Exactly, Joe. What's the difference between reading a blog on a topic for a specific industry versus a 'regular' website for a specific industry? It makes no sense. If blogs are doing a good job of providing industry specific info, then they should be read. If mainstream media site are doing the same, then they should be read as well. If people like to read Page Six, then it should be OK to read Gawker too. There's far too much distinction being made here. Granted, there are huge differences between MSM and blogs but, in the end, they are both providing content. It should be up to the reader to decide whether MSM or blogs are doing a better job providing relevant info."

Oh and if this doen't wreak of self-promo:

"Thank you for your interest in AdAge.com's poll. The poll about blog reading at work is now closed. Watch for the results in next week's print edition of Advertising Age." WTF? The results of an online poll reported in the print edition? A week later? You must be joking. Scott, what are you guys smoking over there? Oh, we get it. You need more print subscribers. Now it all makes sense.

by Steve Hall    Nov- 3-05    
Topic: Research, Weblogs

Barbie Gets The Big One


We're quite sure Mattel wouldn't approve of this but hey, even plastic dolls need to have fun sometimes.

by Steve Hall    Nov- 3-05    
Topic: Spoofs

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Logoku Tests Knowledge of Corporate Logos


Here's a game to challenge your logo smarts. Launched in late Summer, Logoku, is a game in which players guess the name of the company behind a given logo using clues such as the company's slogan, number of employees, location of headquarters, ad agency and other identifiers. name the company before using too many clues nets a higher score. Try it. We did. We failed.

by Steve Hall    Nov- 3-05    
Topic: Games

The N's 'South of Nowhere' Promoted With Metrocards


Hopefully targeting more than just homeless teens who don't own a television, Marketing services agency Mr. Youth LLC and nighttime teen network The N have teamed up to reach teenagers on the streets of Manhattan to promote The N's South of Nowhere. Today, Street teams, accompanied by a fleet of branded Vespas, will offer $4 Metrocards, which, as a side benefit, is a very good thing for a homeless teen, along with South of Nowhere-branded Metrocard holders to teens heading south on the subways. The street teams, outfitted with chest-mounted TVs, will be positioned outside of downtown subway stations along the N subway line, along with visiting nearby high schools and commuter train stations from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. today and Friday, November 4th. The N's South of Nowhere series premiere will air on Friday, November 4th at 8:30 p.m. (ET).

by Steve Hall    Nov- 3-05    
Topic: Guerilla

AOL Acquires MusicNow

AOL has acquired music company MusicNow and has launched a new music service called AOL Music Now which will offer .99 cent downloads and subscription plans. The new service adds a al carte song purchase, subscription portability and is web-based

by Steve Hall    Nov- 3-05    
Topic: Online

CBS Begs For 'Threshold' Viewers, Offers Ad-Free Shows Online


In an effort to build viewership for its entry into the already over-crowded mystery alien genre, CBS will offer three episodes of Threshhold online without ads. Each episode will be available at the completion of its Friday, 9PM airing.

"We think that the traditional network run will always be the primary broadcast, but this is an opportunity to recruit viewers that may not have experienced the show yet or (provide a chance) for those that missed an episode to get caught up," said Chris Ender, senior vp CBS Communications Group. While true for now but with the proliferation of downloadable shows, the model may, forever, change.

by Steve Hall    Nov- 3-05    
Topic: Television

Billboard Breaks Rules, Takes Advantage of Situation


Going against every rule regarding type size and the appropriate number of words a billboard should carry, LA's KNZ 1070 has acknowledged the fact that traffic is so bad, normal rules regarding billboard readability don't apply. Since the city's commute is often fraught with crawling speeds and periods of dead stop, KNZ 1070 figured people had plenty of time to read a billboard filled with long copy so that's exactly what they did.

The billboard copy takes drivers inside the head of an outspoken and very talkative individual. The kind of person that chats you up on a five-hour airline flight across the country. After drivers take the time to read this individual's opinions and observations, they are left with a choice. Stay informed with the KNX 1070 traffic report or continue to read the ramblings of their new traffic buddy. We think the choice is clear. And we like when norms are broken. See full sized images here and here.

by Steve Hall    Nov- 3-05    
Topic: Outdoor

Study Examines Word of Mouth, Sees Growth


While word of mouth has been around since humans could open their mouths and it has been the most highly trusted source of information for most anything in most any category, it is now becoming a marketing practice. The Word of Mouth Marketing Association has been set up to foster and guide marketers who are endeavoring to listen and participate in the growing number of conversations taking place on blogs, chat rooms, forums, IM and good ol' face to face spoken word.

eMarketer, in association with WOMMA, today, released a study called "Word of Mouth, The Stats, Surveys and Substance Behind the Buzz which is jam packed with facts and figures about the segment such as the enabling influence the Internet has had on fostering word of mouth, the confirmation that friends and family have been and always will be the greatest influencers, the power word of mouth has in 9 business segments, the demographic makeup of those most likely to become influencers and engage in word of mouth, how blogs and blog readers can influence the flow of word of mouth, seven tips for a successful word of mouth marketing campaign and ten reasons why WOMMA and eMarketer think word of mouth will become an important and integral component of any marketing program.

Not to be accused of simply dumping facts on the industry and running, WOMMA has launched a weblog called Word of Mouth Basic Training which will contain "how to" articles and is tied to the organization's upcoming training event in Orlando which promises to educate attendees on how to best use word of mouth as a viable marketing element.

by Steve Hall    Nov- 3-05    
Topic: Word of Mouth