Experiential Marketing Topic of Opening ad:tech Keynote


Opening the 2005 New York ad:tech show, ad:tech Chair Susan Bratton appeared on stage wearing a pair of wings in a nod to an event later in the day called ad:tech Connect Live, where attendees can engage in some serious interaction. Bratton told the audience this year's ad:tech is the largest yet with 8,300 people expected to attend and over 230 exhibitors vying for attendees attention.

Bratton introduced the first keynote speaker, Lexus Marketing VP Deborah Wahl-Meyer who explained Lexus' approach to marketing embraces the notion that customers are like quests in one's own home and should be treated with dignity. Wahl-Meyer acknowledge the consumer is in the driver's seat today and calls many of the shots when it comes to marketing communication. With technology like TiVo and weblogs, consumers have far more control and voice then they ever had before.

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by Steve Hall    Nov- 7-05    
Topic: Industry Events

Diesel Launches Viral Spam


"Somebody claiming to be DeEtte wrote:

Hello - I am trying to get ahold of the blow-up dolls used in the new Diesel print campaign (the bizarre twist on the Russian nesting doll). Any idea if these can be purchased online?? http://www.zoozoom.com/magazine.aspx?type=ad&id=45

btw, it's perfect for some twisted viral or spoof. suprised no one's run with it. or have they??"

DeEtte, tell Diesel they can stuff their viral spam tactics up their ass, OK?

by Steve Hall    Nov- 7-05    
Topic: Viral

Yahoo Puts Creatives in Think Tank


Yahoo has launched Yahoo Think Tank, a large, glassed-in structure in which creatives from Australia and New Zealand, between November 3 and November 17, will work on creative briefs sent in through the site. The Tank was created to explore online creative opportunities. Those whose ideas are turned into an actual campaign could win a Yahoo Big Idea Chair. We've submitted our request to help turn Adrants into the most popular advertising site in the world. We'll let you know what happens.

So if you want to commiserate with your fellow creatives, get a fly's-eye view of the creative process or just have nothing to do today, launch up the Think Tank Cam and enjoy.

by Steve Hall    Nov- 7-05    
Topic: Online

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