Adrants Screws Ups, Offers Apology


Oh, it had to happen sooner or later. It's not as though we haven't made errors before but today we made a big one when we poked fun at MWW Group for launching a blogging practice called Blog 360 and chastised the agency for announcing the service but not listing it on their website. We were wrong on both counts. First, MWW Group didn't launch a blogging practice today; they launched it 11 months ago in January. Apparently, our press release and RSS feed funnel dates were a bit out of whack today. Secondly, the practice, which was later re-branded DialogueMedia is, in fact listed on the MWW Group site as plain as day.

Had we done our research properly, this never would have happened. We apologize profusely to the fine folks at MWW Group for unnecessarily bothering them with our stupidity. Had our head been on straight today, we would have told you MWW Group gets the whole blogging thing and practices what they preach. We would have pointed out MWW Group President and CEO Michael Kempner publishes a company blog called Straight Talk. Also, had we been concentrating on more serious news rather than condoms covering buildings, pole dancers in elevators and Lynx Deodorant's attempt to launch an airline, we would have told you MWW Group New Media Strategies Director and head of DialogueMedia Tom Biro also blogs for the company insightfully and informatively at Open The Dialogue.

Once again, we apologize to MWW Group for unnecessarily dragging them through our drawers. We understand if you, and the rest of our readers, place our credibility in the toilet for a few days.

by Steve Hall    Nov-28-05   Click to Comment   
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This is precisely how you keep your credibility from coming within 10 feet of the toilet - hats off to you!! Your blog was, is, and will be awesome... one of my favorites!

Posted by: Gerry Riskin on November 28, 2005 5:37 PM

Don't worry already have no credibility. But we still love you.

Posted by: right on November 29, 2005 2:07 PM

Now THIS is an apology. To err is human. To admit it, that is divine.

Posted by: skip carney on November 29, 2005 2:41 PM

>place our credibility in the toilet for a few days.

I am confused. Should we just hold it or is it ok to flush?

Posted by: tab gilbert on November 29, 2005 6:40 PM

The info on here are hardly ever credible, in terms of timeliness and accuracy that is, but it's a good source of ideas for creative peeps like me so no harm done, I guess.

Posted by: sugar on November 29, 2005 8:04 PM

A nice, humble, over-the-top, apology. Kinda refreshing. It ranks second to the best type of apology: One that never has to be made.

Posted by: Paul on November 29, 2005 8:07 PM

Gee, Steve, I did mock the name 11 months ago ... and I thought you were a reader!

Posted by: Jeremy Pepper on November 30, 2005 2:18 AM

I always thought the best type of apology was make-up sex.

Posted by: Michael on December 1, 2005 7:42 PM