Whirlpool Launches Podcast


Smartly not attempting to launch a podcast about the latest and greatest washing machine, Whirlpool has launched a podcast series about the American family which will "explore a range of issues affecting today's families including but not limited to parenting, education, career, health and relationships." Recent topics include life a a stay-at-home Dad, caring for an older parent, teaching values to pre-schoolers, choosing the right daycare, being blind in America, playdates (that's when kids play with each other for you non-parents and others who can't stand today's overly invented parental-speak), raising teens and tweens and Naval spouses (no, not spouses with a belly button fetish but those who are in the Navy - those military people on ships.)

Nice subject matter. Far better than listening to someone drone on about the latest agitator technology.

by Steve Hall    Nov- 6-05   Click to Comment   
Topic: Podcast   

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