Adrants to Guest Host 'Across the Sound' Podcast


Well we've sat around long enough debating whether or not to launch a podcast and, as is usually the case around here, we need a swift kick in the ass to get moving on just about everything. That swift kick came from Joe Jaffe, founder and co-host of Across the Sound, a podcast about new marketing, media and PR. Since his co-host, Steve Rubel has moved on, Joe has invited a few ad industry folks - UnderScore Marketing President Tom Hespos, The M-Show host John Wall, Carat Fusion Business Development Director John Durham and being Adrants Founder Steve Hall - to guest host the show. Our appearance should air in the second week of January.

It's not a permanent gig but it will be our first foray into another form of self expression. Since we seem to have so much to say here, another channel through which to shovel our babble might be a good thing. Or, it could be a disaster and we'll go down publicly as a blubbering idiot with a serious case of verbal diarrhea. But, either way, it should be great entertainment for you so subscribe to Across the Sound now so you don't miss one minute of our rise to podcast fame or decline into podcast flame.

by Steve Hall    Dec-28-05    
Topic: Announcements, Podcast

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