Spoof Drug Site Calls Attention to Drug Ad Idiocy


Media culture group Stay Free has created a spoof drug site calling attention to the idiocy most drug companies place or are required to place on their sites and in their ads. The site is for a fictitious drug called Panexa by MERD which is "a prescription drug that should only be taken by patients experiencing one of the following disorders: metabolism, binocular vision, digestion (solid and liquid), circulation, menstruation, cognition, osculation, extremes of emotion." That covers just about everyone.

And in a nod to either people's idiocy, drug company's idiocy or everyone's propensity to sue the asses off one another, the site lists several situations in which Panexa should not be used:

  • PANEXA should not be used as a physical aid to set a broken bone, as in the case of a splint;
  • PANEXA should not be used as a substitute for real human relationships; the tablets (and gel-coated caplets) are incapable of displaying any real emotion, and would prove to be dissatisfying friends or mates;
  • PANEXA should not be used to soak up spills or remove stains. This is disrespectful to PANEXA;
  • PANEXA should not be resold with the intent of generating a personal profit;
  • PANEXA should not be used a form of motive transport, as it lacks the government regulated (US DOT 1445/88-4557) safety lights and reflectors;Women with uteruses should consider avoiding PANEXAor moving to a state or province where the concentration of PANEXA is lesser;
  • Do not taunt PANEXA.

Written by Steve Hall    Comments (3)     File: Spoofs     Dec-12-05  
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The "Do not taunt..." part is flagrantly ripped off a Saturday Night Live spoof called "Happy Fun Ball."

Posted by: Tom Hespos on December 12, 2005 11:16 AM

I'm sure most people got it but for those who didn't...

Obviously a play on MERCK but it wasn't mentioned that MERD is a phonetic version of 'shit' in French (merde).

Posted by: Dario Meli on December 12, 2005 03:30 PM

I wonder if anyone is really going to call the hotline for EFTS (Excessively Floppy Tail Syndrome)...

Posted by: Drama Queen on December 12, 2005 10:17 PM

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