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We thought it was time to update you on all the things you can find on Adrants aside from the content on the main page. Recently, we partnered with to launch Adrants Portfolios where creatives can upload their work (yes, for a fee) to a searchable database access by companies seeking creative services. We've added a section called AdGasm (hey, we had to call it something) that compiles selected advertising news beyond what we cover here but which we think you'll be interested in following.

The Adrants Network, (Mingle link) which now has close to 3,000 members, is a business networking site on which you can create a profile, connect and network with other advertising professionals, discuss advertising topics in forums, pose business problems for others to assist with, search for and list jobs, conduct polls and view scheduled advertising events. The Jobs section, in partnership with TalentZoo, provides a continually updated list of advertising industry jobs where seekers can seek and employers can post jobs.

All of these features are continuously available from the links at the top of the site and, in the case of Adrants Portfolios, at the top of the right hand column. If you're into RSS, our feed is here and in the next month, we'll be launching separate RSS feeds for each category so if, for example, you only want advertising stories about celebrities, that's all you'll get. Also, individual categories can always be accessed from the right hand column of the site below the ads. If you prefer to receive the content of Adrants by email, you can do so by subscribing to the newsletter here. As always, you can send us tips, gossip, news and comments on what you like and don't like about Adrants here. Always trying to improve.

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