Motorola Challenges Satellite Radio and iPod With iRadio


Furthering the notion the cell phone will, ultimate become the single digital uber-device possible even supplanting the iPod, Motorola has announced iRadio, a 435 channel digital radio service delivered to cell phones via an Internet connected computer for $7 per month. It is said the phones will also be capable of transferring content via Bluetooth to home and car sound systems. One does wonder, though, whether XM and Sirius, which deliver content to devices via satellite and don't rely on a computer connected to the Internet, won't find their way into cell phones as well making for a less cumbersome content delivery process.

by Steve Hall    Jan- 4-06   Click to Comment   
Topic: Radio   

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It may appeal to the MyFI/S50 handheld sat-radio crowd, but we still have that pesky problem of satellite not giving us the exact playlists that we've grown accustomed to having via our MP3 players. 435 channels and still not as personalized as my iPod...worth a monthly cost? For me, not so much.

Sounds like ROKR didn't go the way Moto wanted (crippled, not much of a cool quotient, musicus interruptus, etc.), but they still are aching for some of that wonderful handheld music player revenue. I'll stick with my separately fabulous Sidekick and video iPod. :)

Posted by: Eric Weaver [TypeKey Profile Page] on January 4, 2006 3:42 PM

All the analysis aside, this is rather big news if you have swallowed the user control "I want my content when I want it school" Kool Aid.

Yet another tool to hand off control to and another option for the consumer. Oh, and another thing that stressed mega agencies will have to think about. How are these guys going to make ANY profit in 2007?

Posted by: peter on January 4, 2006 6:56 PM