OMG! Another Advertising Email Newsletter Launches!


Oh, good God, not another daily email newsletter about marketing and advertising. Yes, BrandWeek has joined the fray of daily ad news pushers, upping its frequency from weekly to daily. We're not sure the industry is ready for yet another Inbox-clogging newsletter. Nothing against BrandWeek but they just might be unlucky recipient of the great "I'm mad as hell and I'm not going to take this anymore" industry-wide email unsubscribe movement of 2006.

There's just way too much duplicate news out there. We know. We subscribe to every advertising-related newsletter there is drinking in each and every publisher's take on the day's news. We don't do it because we like killer frequency in our daily news consumption strategy. We do it for you, loyal readers, so you don't have to suffer the indignity of having to read 13 versions of the same story from 13 different sources 13 different times each day. There's only so much news any given industry can genetrate and there's only so many different twists to the same story that can be applied.

Admittedly, we contribute to the problem as well. We're just as guilty of "re-purposing" press releases, adding spin to mundane topics, pointlessly sexing things up and tweaking items for, hopefully, increased reader enjoyment. You can choose to read our take on things or you can choose MediaPost's or ClickZ's or iMediaConnection's or Ad Age's or AdWeek's or MarketingSherpa's or IAB SmartBrief's or MediaLife's or...well, you get the point. And let's not even get started on blogs. Oh, wait. Adrants is a blog and we'd be nothing without mainstream media to bounce off. Oops, that screws up the argument. OK. Just forget we mentioned blogs.

While choice is a good thing, you can rest assured if you read any two of these news sources and ignore all the others, you aren't missing much of anything. We can say that based on our years of "seen that," "read that," click, delete, "already seen that," already read that," click, delete, "damn, that same story again," click, delete, "Oh for %$@#%$@'s sake, that &^#%$#@ing story again," click, delete. It's unnecessarliy tedious for most but we love it because our purpose is to be an advertising news junkie so you don't have to.

We can think of far better things all you fine folks in advertising and marketing could be doing other than spending your entire day trying to determine whether you've read that story 13 other times from 13 other sources with 13 other twists applied. Actually, on second thought, it's all your fault! If you weren't doling out your ad dollars to all of us, we wouldn't be able to keep duplicating and duplication and duplicating the news day after day after day. So stop and we'll stop. Wait. Don't stop. We love your ad dollars. We realy do. Honest. Give us more and we'll give you...uh...yea...that's it...another newsletter!

Written by Steve Hall    Comments (1)     File: Publishing     Jan- 4-06  
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And that, dear Steve, is why I only subscribe to you! :)

Posted by: dart1121 on January 5, 2006 06:50 AM

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