Brands Become Consumer Generated Art


It's All Advertising has collected a few links of some inventive and funny consumer renditions of Nintendo games and music. The level to which it's taken is impressive but not all that surprising given the pervasiveness of gaming in today's culture. In one video, a group on stage acts out a game. In another, a choral group does a pretty good rendition of the music. In a third, a dude plays some classic Mario on an 11 string electric bass. That's some serious brand love. As It's All Advertising properly points out, Nintendo might consider leveraging this brand love somehow in its marketing. We're not just talking slapping a few consumer-created video clips into an ad but rather, something far more sophisticated, embedded and participatory. We'll leave it to you marketing whiz's to figure out just how to do it.

by Steve Hall    Feb-21-06   Click to Comment   

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