Legitimized Software-Install Ad Channel Introduced


Hoping to stand up as a model against software-install spyware, Santa-Barbara-based onCommercials has introduced a formalize revenue share model with aims to "official-ize" software-install advertising. Software developers can use onCommercials code to display commercials during the loading process of their software. Each time the application is started a commercial will be shown, dynamically chosen by onCommercials serving technology.

"At no time will a commercial be displayed when the respective software is not being run. We understand the frustration involved with Spyware and mean to alleviate it," says onCommercials CEO Alasdair Forsythe. The technology enables anything from static commercials, to full blown video commercials with audio. Software developers will earn up to 60 percent of generated revenue from these advertisements, and advertisers are given a 640x480 pixel canvas with which to work.

According to Forsythe, onCommercial will never collect any information other than impressions and clicks statistics. "A user's privacy is just that, their privacy. onCommercial will never collect personal information, and users will always be completely informed of any information or statistics that are collected." It's a grandiose endeavor but here's hoping it gains legs in the industry.

by Steve Hall    Feb-28-06   Click to Comment   
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Uh, yeah, so it's a new spyware (oh I mean adware) company with yet more spyware that desperate software authors can bundle...

And this is different how?

Posted by: B on March 1, 2006 3:32 AM