Parents Get Another...Really, It's Different This Time...Parenting Mag


While parents may not need yet another parenting magazine, advertisers, apparent;y do. With close to 70 pages of advertising, including a double gatefold from Hasbro, Disney Publishing Worldwide, on February 14 at a newsstand near you, is launching Wondertime, a magazine "designed to help moms understand how children are learning and growing." Hmm. That sounds like the premise of just about every other parenting magazine out there but no matter. I'm sure you know a freaky, over-involved, over-protective, over-coddling, over-concerned parent or two who just loves to suck this stuff up.

With a cover price of $4.95 and a rate base of 300,000, the magazine will launch as a quarterly, go 6X in 2007 and hit 10X in 2008. Editorial will cover scintillating topics such as the importance of peek-a-boo, the fact that a baby has 200 billion brain cells at birth and why kids think today is tomorrow.

Written by Steve Hall    Comments (0)     File: Magazine     Feb- 2-06  
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