Ugly White Babies Prevalent In African City's Ads


In some sort of odd cultural twist, ugly white babies appear to be omnipresent in ads in the mostly black city of Goma, Congo in Africa. What message this sends, if any, we have no idea. We just thought we'd pass it along for you to discuss. Bigger image here.

Written by Steve Hall    Comments (6)     File: Outdoor, Strange, Trends and Culture     Feb-14-06  
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Why do you find the baby ugly? Because he is white?

Posted by: Ahrimahn on February 14, 2006 03:59 PM

I'm just passing on the thought of the person who took the picture.

Posted by: Steve Hall on February 14, 2006 04:39 PM

How dare you say my baby is ugly?!? what I'd say if that was my really ugly white baby.

Posted by: Thomas K on February 14, 2006 05:02 PM

technically, the person who took the picture said they were scary babies, not ugly.

personally, i think the baby depicted looks very european. not unlike anyone in britain's royal family.

oops, i guess that does make the baby ugly.

Posted by: HighJive on February 15, 2006 08:17 AM

Looks very photoshopped to me...

Posted by: Rob Mortimer on February 15, 2006 07:06 PM

Would you delete an ugly white baby?

Posted by: Kurre on February 16, 2006 04:39 AM

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