Screw the Mustache, Asian Women Sell Milk Albums


We're just gonna say it. Asian women are hot! Asian women in ads are really hot. Asian women in ads for milk, well, we'll leave that little fantasy to your own private machinations. We're not gonna share our every dirty little thought with you now. We know you have plenty of your own. So who would you buy milk from? This girl or some Hollywood star with a milk mustache? See a bigger image here and a second image here.

UPDATE: We're totally wrong. Well, sort of., It is an ad but not for milk. It's for a new album from Kodi Kumi, a popular Japanese singer. Asian women are still hot though.

by Steve Hall    Mar-11-06    
Topic: Good, Outdoor

Model Wrapped Around Lamp Post Commands Attention


We don't know where this lamp post ad is or who the advertiser is but it certainly is attention getting. Beyond the effective merging of the actual lamp post with the post in the ad, there's the whole woman wrapped around a pole like a pole dancer thing that never fails to increase the height of attention commanded by such imagery. See the full image here.

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by Steve Hall    Mar-11-06    
Topic: Creative Commentary, Good, Outdoor, Poster

Bouncing Breasts Call Attention to International Women's Day


To celebrate International Women's Day on March 8, Indian agency The Flea created this short clip which very simply asks everyone in the breast-obsessed world to look at women as more than a pair of bouncing breasts. It makes the point very clearly. Of course, it does so by highlighting the very thing it aims to eliminate. Then again, the whole purpose was to attract attention to the issue and what better way to do so then to show a pair of bouncing breasts.

by Steve Hall    Mar-11-06    
Topic: Commercials, Creative Commentary, Good

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