MSNBC to Cancel Live Daytime Programming


AOL gossip site TMZ has learned...yes, they have LEARNED a crucial bit of seemingly earth shattering news: MSNBC will cancel all live, daytime programming and replace it with tapes shows. TMX reports, "High-level sources connected with the cable network also tell TMZ that MSNBC President Rick Kaplan will be booted from the network when his contract is up - within a year." With ratings in the dumper, the writing may be on the wall. Nighttime programming will remain unaffected.

UPDATE: MSNBC is now denying this story saying through a spokesperson, "This is ridiculous and is wrong on every level. MSNBC, which under Rick Kaplan has seen a real uptick in ratings of late, and is by definition a news channel, is not going to abandon live news."

by Steve Hall    Mar- 2-06   Click to Comment   
Topic: Cable   

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Who can I call to request that they add Internation "Curling" Events to their daytime rotation?

Posted by: te on March 3, 2006 1:27 PM