ad:tech San Francisco 2006 Is Big, Really Big


This year marks a major expansion for ad:tech San Francisco as well as an overall expansion of ad:tech shows across the globe. Upon entering the Moscone Center, one word comes to mind: bigger. Because it's being held in the cavernous Moscone Center, this just might be the first ad:tech conference where one isn't forced through a chute like a cow on the way to the milking parlor.

The exhibit hall is large with very high ceilings making for a spacious feeling unlike the somewhat claustrophobic venue in previous years. The large registration area leads one to believe the process of getting one's badge will proceed quickly. After you register and head down the stairs or elevator to the exhibit hall, make sure you turn around and look back up the stairs and marvel at the stair mural DoubleClick has created.

During an early walk-though of the exhibit hall on Tuesday afternoon, there was a lot of hoisting, lifting, uncrating and zooming of forklifts. Unlike the hotels ad:tech has been held at before, the Moscone center is built for the sole purpose of hosting conferences and by the look of things Tuesday afternoon, that was readlily apparent.

Upon walking though the exhibit hall and snapping shots of Pop Under Media hanging a big red globe and Film Loop erecting its tower of power and experclick creating its spacious central cafe smak in the middle of the exhibit hall, we weren't even thinking of the ensuing parties that would fill the following two nights. So, when we were approached by a woman carrying a sign that said, "Ask me about the party," we had to shift gears and respopnd, "OK, sure, Tell me." She was promoting the exhibtor party that would be held from 4:30P - 6:30P in the aforementioned experclick cafe. We'll be sure to report back on that one for you.

All in all the set up was very impressive and quite motivating after a very long trek from Boston earlier in the day. See you all bright and eary Wednesday. Check out more pictures here.

Written by Steve Hall    Comments (2)     File: Industry Events     Apr-25-06  
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Sounds great and bias. Milking cows... pff, you dog you. Love the blog though.

Posted by: Facu Medina on April 26, 2006 12:50 AM

Of course it's bias. Every opinion in bias. I go to ad:tech. I like it. I write about it. And the milking cows....well this city boy picked that lingo up from his dairy-bred wife:-)

Posted by: Steve Hall on April 26, 2006 10:19 AM

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