Kodak Hops On Consumer-Created Commercial Trend


On the heels of Chevy Apprentice, Kodak is joining the consumer-created commercial club with Your Kodak Commercial letting people upload five of their favorite pictures which then get turned into a :60. The promotion riffs of the company's commercial which did the whole kid, historical image emotional weepy thing. Now the company wants everyone to make their own weepy commercial. We' d love to tell you what we think of the promotion but after three attempts at uploading images and being presented with "The connection was reset," we figured it wasn't worth it and moved on. Fell free to try yourselves.

UPDATE: It now works for us. Apparently, it was entirely our fault as we tried to load images that were either too large or gifs instead of jpegs (guess we didn't read the instructions too well...our bad). We'd like to commend Kodak's David Kassnoff who emailed us immediately after we published this to help us get it to work. David and Kodak, we apologize for our idiocy. You can view our submission here which we are absolutely positive Kodak will not like:-)

by Steve Hall    Apr- 4-06   Click to Comment   

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You're not the only one having problems with the site. After finally getting to see my photos Kodak’s ad, I really don't think visitors will be motivated to forward this to their friends. I don't think seeing a few personal snapshots among the several dozen photos already in the ad really engenders a sense of user ownership. Calling this initiative "Your Kodak Ad" is more than a bit of a stretch.

Posted by: Mario on April 4, 2006 3:49 PM