McJob Followed By McMegaBurger


Following its recent "Not bad for a McJob" campaign, McDonald's UK, to coincide with this Summer's World Cup, will introduce, for a limited time, the new Bigger Big Mac which will be 40 percent bigger than the current Big Mac. The current Big Mac already has 560 calories and more fat than you'd ever want to consume. But hey, as we've always said, no one's forcing the food down anyone's throat so if a big ass burger works from a marketing angle, go for it.

by Steve Hall    Apr-24-06   Click to Comment   
Topic: Brands   

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The Bigger Big Mac has been available in Germany for months already, and no one seemed to complain about it yet. BTW, the Whopper has 760 calories. The Double Whopper has 990. And that's nothing compared to the ridiculously high sodium content in all fast food.

Everyone fashionably talks about fat and carbs, while sucking down several times their daily sodium in one sitting.

Posted by: evil grimace on April 26, 2006 11:46 AM