Saforelle Solves Those Nasty Feminine Hygiene Issues


Seeing a woman in a bikini is usually a very pleasant event. Not so for the poor creature in this ad that flew too close. Apparently, there are certain parts of a woman's body that carry such a stench it's murderous. This ad for Saforelle claims it doesn't have to be that way. We never knew feminine hygiene issues could be so deadly.

by Steve Hall    Apr-21-06   Click to Comment   
Topic: Strange   

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File under "Strange" indeed. I guarantee there wasn't a woman involved in this. Maybe they'll campaign this with more ads involving images of tuna, vultures and such other unsavory connections.

Steve, I think you need to add a subject for stuff like this: WTF

Posted by: Pat Smith on April 21, 2006 5:13 PM