Sleeping Late Doesn't Make Advertising News Stop


Sometimes we all have those days when we wake up late and nothing we can do gets us back on schedule. Since the news never stops, all we can do is play catch up so here, machine gun style, is what happening today in the world of advertising.

GM has launched a new blog that, unlike its FastLane Blog, will be written by GM employees from all levels and approach topics from a grass roots level.

7Up, without saying so, is eluding to health in a new commercial that has cans standing in for fruit and vegetables.

Cricket Cola is has sent a cease and desist letter to Coke asking the company to stop using the tagline "happiness in a bottle" which Cricket Cola has used for some time.

The second part of the Montana Meth project is even grosser than the first, again, showing the disgusting effect of the drug.

Adland now offers the ability to search its vast commercial archive by country.

Mariah Carey has signed with Pepsi and, among other things, will record ringtones available through the company's Cool Tones & Motorola Phones promotion.

Marvel Comics and DC Comics are selling out even further and have signe deal with GM and Nike to have their products and logos appear in comic books.

Folgers coffee has placed vinyl covers showing the image of hot coffee over manholes in New York City. The manhole steam bubbles up through holes in the vinyl and appears as if it were steam from the coffee.

GM is making "real world" product placements by outfitting LA and Las Vegas police with tricked our CSI-style GMC Yukons for real-life crime analysis.

Things are not coming up roses for Coke in Columbia where a lawsuit was filed claiming the brand "contracted with or otherwise directed paramilitary security forces that utilize extreme violence and murdered, tortured, unlawfully detained or otherwise silenced trade union leaders."

Jason Calacanis and Dive Winer are discussing the rumor that AOL might be buying MySpace.

Daryl Hannah has launched a video podcast in which she will advocate "green living.

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Those Montana Meth spots are chilling... good advertising.

Posted by: malloreigh on April 20, 2006 04:27 PM

just an's alluding to health..not eluding...

Posted by: kurt on April 20, 2006 05:04 PM

My mom (a nurse) used this same tactic to enlighten us about the dangers of smoking. She took us on a tour of the emphysema ward of the hospital. It was quite effective, as late term emphysema is a very harsh way to die. You basically suffocate to death. I never smoked a day in my life.

Hopefully, these ads will have a similar effect on potential meth users.

Posted by: Recluse on April 21, 2006 06:44 AM

The meth campaign ought to be nationwide. And also have an extension for crack. I'd suggest leaving Pete Doherty out of the crack campaign since he apparently likes being a crack and heroin addict. Though he does look nasty as all hell.

Posted by: Lesley on April 21, 2006 11:12 AM

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