Marmite Auctions Last Glass Jar, First Squeeze Tube On ebay


Marmite, that weird spreadable, edible stuff those in the U.K. seem to love, is auctioning off its last 57 gram jar of the stuff on eBay along with the first sqeezable plastic tube of the stuff. Apparently, a glass jar of the stuff is considered a collector's item. Currently, there are 38 bids with the highest at 170 Pounds.

by Steve Hall    May- 4-06   Click to Comment   
Topic: Guerilla, Online, Promotions, Strange   

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As a Brit this is a dark day indeed, the glass jar is a true icon!

Gah, friggin' market forces eh?

Mind you as a marketer, this could be a scam. I remember when Heinz "floated the idea" of getting rid of the "Beanz Meanz Heinz" line, which caused much tabloid uproar.

Right then, I'm off to ebay...

Posted by: Floyd Hayes on May 5, 2006 9:34 AM