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Anytime the subject of woman and orgasms arises, everyone jumps on the topic and goes nuts. Everyone's writing about a company called Surprise Parties which hosts parties for women to sell sexual aids and discuss means to rekindle their romance. Recently, Carr Knowledge, an agency with offices in Nashville placed a large billboard buy for Surprise Parties that contained the company's new headline, "Stop Faking It." Nashville outdoor companies CBS and Lamar have refused to accept the buy. The 41 other states Car Knowledge placed boards had no issue with the ad which features company's seven senior managers dressed in pink under the headline. The only skin showing on the board are hands and faces.

Surprise Parties VP Donna Wittrig blames the dirty male mind saying, Once again the male mind has taken something so fun and slightly innocent to perversion." says Wittrig. "We are in the home party business where adult women host their friends, family and colleagues in the comfort of their home for a night of laughter, food, fun, friends and romance tips along with sensual items to spice up anyone's love life. Yes, we sell relationship enhancers but to say that is our "game" is a completely false statement. Just as the Titans football teams "game" is not popcorn sales. Yes, popcorn is being sold at the Titans stadium but their "game" is football. Our game is helping couples ignite the flames of passion in their relationship through honest communication, romance, fun, passion and play. Our game is not the sale of relationship enhancers entirely."

Carr Knowledge's Jeff Hayie is happy to live in bible belt Nashville but is saddened the area's reactionary conservatism. "I'm proud to be from here but when stuff like this happens, it underlines the stereotype." There you have it. Hooters billboards with gigantically-breasted waitresses are OK but fully clothed woman talking intelligently about improving sexual relationships is considered crass. See the full-sized billboard .

Written by Steve Hall    Comments (4)     File: Bad, Outdoor     May-22-06  
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CBS and Lamar - what a bunch of backwards dip-shits.

There is nothing offensive about these ads whatsover. God gave women the ability to come y'know....


Posted by: Floyd Hayes on May 19, 2006 11:43 AM

I am a Surprise Parties representative more commonly known as a "Surprise Lady". I am VERY proud to say that I work for Surprise Parties. I love the new ad and I can't wait to see it up around the US. Although we already have great clientele, I am excited to help new customers experience a Surprise Party and help them enhance their romantic relationship. The people that have problems with what we do must have never been to a Surprise Party. We are very classy with how we present our items and our guests all have a great time. They are amazed at the knowledge and professionalism that we have in our presentation. Each Surprise Lady has gone through training to make us stand out from the so called "sex shops". If you have not been to a Surprise Party before you really need to before you judge us and offend us with terms such as "double ended dildos".

Posted by: Meredith Griffith on May 22, 2006 02:20 PM

I am from Virginia, and am not familiar with TN sexual politics, but being from a Commonwealth state, I think I have an idea. This is a seriously underrated issue at hand. I can understand your take on it, Ms. Griffith, but I do not know if standing out from sex shops is really the problem. It is not about being classy or trashy- this is clearly a tasteful ad, so that can not be the problem. I think it is about who benefits from the ad: because Hooters appeals to the male consumer, and the ad companies are probably mostly male, there is no issue with having a woman's breast's pictured on a 16 ft. billboard. While Victoria Secret's sells mainly lingerie and accessories for women; those ads mean big breasts for men to look at as well. It's the whole Madonna- whore thing. Hooters girls and V.S. models are for men to look at and that's ok, because it pleases men. But when it comes to an actual woman's sexuality (meaning, a woman that has needs to be fulfilled, not a woman who exists for men's pleasure, i.e. billboard boobs), it's a whole other ball game. Why are these companies so scared of real women's sexuality? Does it mean that if women start asking for more in bed, they will begin asking for more elsewhere? My view is clearly not Surprise Parties take on the issue; by not asking for anything but a bit of sexual freedom, between married couples, while I think that every woman (single, married, divorced, widowed, gay or straight) has a right to sexual education and exploration, and that there is nothing shameful in that. Still, I wonder what would happen if more women asked for what they wanted from their male the problem simply that are men afraid they will not be up to the challenge?

Posted by: Vicki on May 23, 2006 10:53 AM

There are going to be skeptics to anything as controversial as sexual exploration. The fact is that every adult woman (single or attached) has a right to know more about their sexuality. Men/ partners also benefit from such gatherings as they reap the rewards of a partner who is putting in effort and bringing ideas to spice up their relations behind closed doors. Great examples of other markets using sex to sell their products were displayed in Meredith & Vicki's messages, but this Surprise Party add is tastefully displayed. Some people need to lighten up (or maybe get some tips from a local representative on how to "unwind"). You can go to a doctor to get a Rx for prolonging an erection (with referrals through commercials on public TV), visit a therapist to ease a mind into orgasm, or sit around with your best pals and share tips through experience... Surprise Parties just organizes these adult-only-gal-pal meetings with tangible methods to try. Living in America, we have the certain freedoms... and if certain people don't like what they see, they can turn the other way, eliminate ignorance by asking questions, or write a local gov't official to help make a difference. I choose to become informed... and my mate is thoroughly satisfied that I do!! Cheers!

Posted by: Yolanda Hernandez on May 24, 2006 07:04 PM

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