Atlanta House Branded to Promote 'The Simple Life' On E


Well, it's happened. A couple years ago, we said the proliferation of advertising would, one day, reach the point where people's house would be painted with a brand's logo as part of an ad campaign or promotion. To promote the Simple Life on E, an Atlanta house was decorated with the E and The Simple Life logos and the shrubs in front have been trimmed (likely pre-shaped fake bushes) to spell "Sundays". Oh sure, the whole house is just one big purchased promotion and, likely, it's not the first but it's the first we've seen. It's actually done quite well. Particularly nice job on the "broken" window. We wonder what the neighbors think though. A second photo can be seen here.

by Steve Hall    Jun- 9-06   Click to Comment   
Topic: Cable, Good, Guerilla, Strange   

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I wonder what neighborhood this house is in? Seems like something you'd see in N. Dekalb.

Posted by: Brent on June 12, 2006 10:43 AM

It's right across the street from Freedom Park (two streets off Ponce De Leon), where they developed those new houses.

Posted by: CJ on June 19, 2006 7:59 PM